Drama - Development 2018

Seven months into pregnancy, Dr. San must journey through Myanmar's countryside to retrieve from a far-flung military camp her teenage brother Ko Si who disappeared after a recruitment drive in their village.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Drama, Road movie, First film
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    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
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    • Synopsis
    • SAN is a rural medical doctor who had taken care of her much younger brother, KoSi since their parents died during the civil war in Myanmar. San and her brother Ko Si are from a minority ethnic group.

      From the death of her parents during her teenage years and even until she was working in hospitals, San witnessed the brutal harassment of her people by the army who had been ruling them. KoSi, however, grew up without seeing his parents who had died in the hands of the military after a vicious attack in their village.

      San is seven months into her pregnancy. Her husband left to perform medical work in a different village affected by civil war. San's only companion is her teenage brother KoSi. But he keeps to himself most of the time.

      In spite of having to deal with the difficulties of pregnancy by herself, San continues work in the village clinic. But when the military performs a recruitment drive for young men to join the army, KoSi disappears.

      San is determined to retrieve his brother from a far-flung military camp despite her preganancy and lack of decent transportation in the rough countryside of Myanmar.

      San's expedition paints a picture of Myanmar's economic and political situation—she rides a cart pulled by exhausted oxens; she passes by a village forced into labor by the military; she bribes officers so she can cross a checkpoint; and she rides a bus where she can't even wave her hands out of the window; the same bus where she experiences contractions.

      After hours of travel and painful contractions, San must confront the toughest obstacle yet—the military itself. She chances upon the arrival of the military captain, CAPTAIN KYAWKYAW.

      The Captain compassionately allows San to meet KoSi. San decides that she will not leave without her only brother as she vividly remembers her memories of the cruelty of the military.

      San and the Captain argue over the benefits and disadvantages of young KoSi being in the military. The Captain is angered and betrayed by San. But he is unable to be entirely harsh towards a pregnant woman. San attacks the Captain's most vulnerable spot—his family, living a life of comfort.

      In the Captain's anger, he takes KoSi out of the army and sends him home. However, he is certain that a man, once a soldier will always be a soldier.
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