Drama - Pre-Production 2014

The collapse of a corporate energy giant, the wrath of twin tornadoes, and one fiercely proud beautiful woman - unwittingly bring together two men from different worlds, each struggling to flee their tormented pasts.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Drama, Romance
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Director(s)
    • Joel FRANCO
    • Writer(s)
    • Jane WELLS, Ian GINSBURG
    • Producer(s)
    • Joel FRANCO (Chesapeake Films)
    • Synopsis
    • When twin tornados explode the fragile marriage of Mason (30s) and Beth Breaux (30s), the loss of their young child ads yet another nail in the cross to their increasingly failing relationship. Mason retreats further into his work, maintaining a battered old Cessna to keep his struggling rainmaking business alive in a relentless drought. Beth turns to her amusingly quirky friend Sarah (20s-30s) and her dead-end job at Sarah’s Gusher Bar.
      For extra income, Mason flies execs of Texas energy giant ‘Dallas-Energy’ (D&E), amongst them his estranged father, the irascible and wealthy Chet Breaux (50s-60s). Chet knows the scoop on the collapsing energy giant.
      Yet a messy transaction involving water rights and oil and natural gas leases secretly creates a scandal stretching all the way to the governor. When one of Mason’s checks bounces, Beth journeys to D&E headquarters to take on the comptroller, George Rabinowitz, late 20s. Their attraction is instant as George offers to make good on the check. Beth, proud, declines, heading home, stopping at a sleazy motel only to encounter Mason with a woman in the pool.
      George flees a deposition that could lead to a plea bargain for his accounting fraud with D&E. He heads north out of Texas to Ardmore fueled by his obsession with Beth who dared to confront him and such a powerful company. Enroute, a car accident strands him and Mason, on his way home from his sordid tryst, pulls over, offering to tow George’s beloved BMW to the hangar where Mason houses his broken-down Cessna.
      From the insights of a newspaper article about the D&E scandal on the seat of George’s car, Mason, from the outset, knows the score about George. While hiding out in Mason’s hangar, George becomes an unwitting cupid, initiating the process of redemption between Mason and Beth.
      With Mason’s unlikely friendship, George tests the boundaries of his own life that are, after a bizarre night in a holding cell at a local jail, called into question by the confrontational, foul-mouthed Sarah.
      Will Mason, with the unexpected help of someone from his past, risk diving into the horrific maze of his youth influenced by jealousy, murder, and revenge – in order to escape the dark clouds that have been in the sky?
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