Comedy - Pre-Production 2010

    • Year of production
    • 2010
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • ITALY
    • Director(s)
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Francesco PAMPHILI (FILM KAIROS)
    • Synopsis
    • Fatmir and Zane, two immigrants in Milan, the first Albanian and the second Serb, come up with the same idea: opening an ethnic restaurant. Both however, have the misfortune of falling into the hands of an unscrupulous real estate agent who swindles them into renting the same property. Belonging to ethnicities that have been warring each other since time immemorial and naturally seething with mutual prejudice, the two men, are slung by fate into a forced partnership. In an atmosphere of open clash and mumbled curse, sabotage and subterfuge, each tries to make the other fail.
      The establishment, both virtually and physically divided in two, on account of the discord between the proprietors, soon proves to be a terrible investment and a nonstop headache: the clientele, except for a rare Italian, is made up entirely of dirt poor immigrants; the atmosphere is raucous as it is shabby; their double dive becomes the target of a concerted neighborhood protest as well as the focus of round-the-clock police surveillance. Adding to these troubles are their respective families, often on a war footing against their breadwinners' backward mentality. In time, the wives begin to visit one another on the sly and the two children, a boy and a girl more or less of the same age, fall in love, a relationship, with the forces at play, as good as doomed from the start. And so, barricaded behind their mutual contempt, Fatmir and Zane scrape along, with everything and everyone a struggle when not a fight.
      One day however, they discover that the real estate agent had swindled them even worse than previously ascertained and that they now run a serious risk of being cast out on the street, neck deep in debt, with all their savings evaporated. The struggle to stay afloat soon becomes a fight for survival, one in which, like it or not, the partners, must set aside their atavistic prejudices and make the best of a terrible situation. For the first time they find themselves working side by side instead of pitted one against the other. Their comically awkward efforts at detente are not crowned with success and failure comes knocking when an unexpected incident makes naught of their best efforts. It's the end. The two men finally decide to throw in the towel.
      But right when all seems lost, their families rise to the challenge. The young ones, with the help of the neighborhood policeman, a group of schoolmates and several well-wishing neighbors, initiate a joyfully bizarre rescue operation that ends in a block party in which old scores are forgotten and transcended by fresh hope. Only now, with the old blueprints of prejudice and discord set aside, and with armed truce becoming true fellowship, do Fatmir and Zane open the door to a new life among equals.