Family - Development 2016

When an odd boy adopts a cute but troubled baby dragon, they leap into a magical race against time to rescue his family and save the world.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Family, Children's, Animation
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Writer(s)
    • Larissa TRACY, Bobbie NEFF
    • Synopsis
    • Seven-year-old misfit Oliver O’Connell is NOT happy to learn that his parents are divorcing. When they refuse to listen to his solid advice about family relationships, he sets out for a walk in the woods to calm himself down. When he stops to rest along the riverbank, he spies a sandbar in the distance and decides that it must be explored. While he’s digging for buried treasure, he hits something hard and pulls out a large, glowing egg.

      Oliver brings the egg home with him and nurtures it just in case it hatches. One morning, he awakes to see that the egg has hatched Sparky, a baby dragon. They become fast friends and Oliver brings Sparky everywhere with him. When Sparky accidentally sets the living room ablaze, Oliver’s parents insist that Sparky must go. Alarmed at the possibility of Sparky being sold into the wrong hands, Oliver and Sparky steal away in the night.

      Embarking on a journey to find Sparky’s parents, they are transported to an enchanted kingdom where danger lurks around every corner. After Dax, a spunky faun, rescues the hapless duo from a deadly attack, they learn that the dragons who protect the realm have vanished and the Enchanted Forest now under the control of the wizard Zarin. Since the dragons disappeared, the kingdom has fallen into decay. Food is scarce, and animals and creatures turn on each other in order to survive.

      Determined to find his family, Sparky convinces Dax to guide them in a hazardous expedition to Vanishing Peaks, where the dragons once lived. High atop a mountain, Sparky discovers a clue that will lead him to the dragons, but the journey will be fraught with peril. Using their wits and intuition, the trio navigate through the murderous Nightmare Beach and find themselves in the deepest dungeon of Zarin’s castle, where they must confront the evil wizard and break the spell.

      Can Sparky and Oliver free the dragons and save the Enchanted Kingdom before it’s too late?
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