Jewish - Development 2022

As a child struggles to get over the sudden death of her older sister, she finds herself at the centre of unwanted psychic disturbances.

    • Year of production
    • 2022
    • Genres
    • Jewish, Thriller
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Synopsis
    • The story is about a Jewish family living in the Golders Green area of London, with tragedy befalling them with the death of their oldest child, Hannah.
      The story starts out with two sisters, Nicola and Hannah, who are on their way to school together. Hannah is in a hurry as she has a test, and Nicola is her usual distracted self. Hannah is crossing a road and realises that Nicola isn’t with her. She turns around and sees her tying her shoelace and tells her to hurry up. Hannah doesn’t see the car coming and gets hit.
      We move the story along by showing images and sequences during the title credits: of the hospital where the family get the news of the girl’s death, a Jewish funeral (David in Kippur, coat and tie), wake guests arriving at the house and washing their hands with a pitcher outside the house, the wake, Judith crying, Nicola on her own in her bedroom, the covering of mirrors.
      The story picks back up several weeks later when Nicola has returned to school and David has returned to work. Judith is trying to get the family back into the normal routine, however still hasn’t fully come to terms with the loss of Hannah. She starts nit picking Nicola and blaming her for trivial things, and shuts her out emotionally. We see a widening distance between mother and daughter, with Judith’s sister Dinah playing go between and peace maker between the two.
      Nicola is a child who had been used to the maternal input of her older sister Hannah, in the emotional absence of her working parents. When they don’t step in to fill the gap left by Hannah, Nicola is left to manage her grief by herself. Nicola’s parents don’t speak to her about her feelings, and small disruptive things start happening around the house.
      Nicola’s father David becomes disconnected from the remaining members of his family and grieves for Hannah inwardly, feeling that he needs to be the strong one for everyone else. This leaves him emotionally drained, and he starts having an affair with a woman at work. The psychic activity steps up a gear and cold areas start appearing in the house, mostly associated with Nicola and Hannah’s rooms.
      The family try counselling, which ends in disaster when Judith walks out of the session. Judith is having a hard time accepting the loss of Hannah, and her desire for everything to return to normal is hindered by the fact that she hasn’t finished grieving yet. Judith tries to manage this by blaming others around her, and starts arguments with David; however this just masks her own feelings of guilt of not being there for Hannah and Nicola, and not taking them to school in the car that day.
      Nicola starts to experience the paranormal activity in the form of hearing whispering and footsteps, and knowing that her toys and dolls move on their own when she is not looking. This is a divergence in Nicola’s character, with the psychic activity being a dark aspect of her personality that has manifested itself in the physical world.
      The police investigate the accident