By Vitaly SUMIN


Action/Adventure - Development 2021

NANCY (27), a granddaughter of a famous general and an aspiring writer living in Los Angeles decides to test the validity of her book Love Game against reality. With the help of two former Gulf War soldiers, a studio executive, a hooker and a homeless person, she stages a “war game” in a boot camp. Both the contestants and the organizers have to strictly obey the rules of the book, while being constantly exposed to each other. In addition to his/her life, the winners share $1 mln prize money stolen from a casino. In the book no one dies. In life only one survives.

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Thriller
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Vitaly SUMIN
    • Writer(s)
    • Vitaly SUMIN
    • Producer(s)
    • Vitaly SUMIN (VM Productions-US), Ann BERGSTEDT (VM Productions-US)
    • Synopsis
    • NANCY’S GAME is a story about how life is a war, where anybody can be made into a soldier, or a prisoner or a killer.

      NANCY(a very attractive 27) is a granddaughter of a famous general. She’s now an aspiring writer living in Los Angeles and married to GARY (48), an arrogant studio-marketing executive. Gary is devoted sufficiently to Nancy, with whom he found a “second youth”, to help his wife with the adaptation of her self-published book titled Love Game into a “Hollywood movie script”. To begin with, the young woman decides to test the validity of Love Game’s story against reality. The two former Gulf War soldiers STEVE (27) and SAM (29) help Nancy with the organization. They agree to be the commanders treating Nancy and Gary as the contestants.

      THE OTHER CONTESTANTS: KEITH (29), Nancy’s former lover and unemployed actor, nowadays a bum, who wants to gain his old love back; and LAURA (23), a beautiful call girl, who needs money to save the life of her father through a kidney transplant. Laura was located via an escort service and passed the Game’s “auditions”.

      During the Gulf war Sam and Steve served in the same unit. Now Sam is employed as a bodyguard and an all-around worker

      in Nancy’s and Gary’s Bell Air mansion. His buddy Steve works as a security guard in a Las Vegas casino. Both men hold a high opinion of Nancy’s “war” book in which, as veterans they recognize various military values. Nancy couldn’t have described so truly their feelings if she hadn’t been exposed to the army’s life in her earlier childhood. Both men are in love with the young woman. At the same time they hate Gary for his arrogance and lack of respect, considering him a “leftist liberal” who doesn’t appreciate what they did for their country. He, Gary, certainly doesn’t deserve Nancy. Traumatized by war, disillusioned by life, and with nothing to loose, they both want to take revenge, succeed in life and get rich.

      Nancy’s goals for the Love Game test probably never went beyond the theatrical rehearsals. Adapting her book for the script, the young woman intends to polish the dialogues and clarify the motivations of her literary characters. Were these goals “lost in translation”, or did Nancy have other, subconscious desires? As far as Sam and Steve are concerned, they both are convinced that the young woman expects much more from each of them. That’s why they decide to play the game “for real” going exactly “by the book”.

      The two former soldiers start the game by copying their prototypes in the book and successfully committing a robbery in casino where Steve works(the robbery is required by Love Game’s rules in order to get the prize money). To increase the reward, they force Gary to withdraw money from his savings account.

      Next, the four contestants are kidnapped by Steve and Sam, imprisoned in a cabin in the woods and drilled as soldiers. The game consists of several combat-like competitions, , and if no kill takes place, it all comes down to RussianRoulette