Family - Completed 2008

Five-year-old Morrison thinks that he will no longer have a room after the new baby is born and decides to run away from home. To complicate things even more, he takes his newborn sister with him...

    • Year of production
    • 2008
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    • Family
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    • Nina, the mother of five-year-old Morrison Glas, is heavily pregnant. She is a vet and has a practice at home, but with her second child on its way she has decided to stop working for a while. Father Steven runs a small garage next to the house. Both parents adore Morrison, but at this stage in their lives they are too busy to give him the attention he needs.
      Morrison is a sweet and gentle boy, somewhat maladjusted and quite lonely at times. His parents’ lack of involvement causes a huge misunderstanding that not only gets Morrison into lots of trouble, but also creates lots of work for his parents and the police.
      Morrison finds out that his room will be the new baby’s bedroom and from conversations between his parents he concludes that he will be moved for good into a room at aunt Zuster’s house. She is his father’s aunt and a nun who, in Morrison's imagination, lives in a gloomy convent on top of a hill. Morrison’s mind is set: he will not go to the convent.
      One day, in the middle of the night, Steven comes running up the stairs in a panic. Morrison has to get dressed. The baby is coming, a week earlier than expected. Steven only just has time to drive Morrison to the convent. Morrison manages to escape and hides in the animal surgery. Panic breaks out. Outside, the police are leading a massive search for Morrison. Inside the Glas family home, Nina gives birth to a baby girl: Simone. Morrison hears her crying in the distance and decides to wait for the first available opportunity.
      Morrison decides to kidnap his sister and take her to the animal shelter, where they took the cat before the baby was born. He lays the baby in the cat's basket and puts the basket in the car that Steven was working on and that belongs to the convent. He gets into the car and tries to start the engine. Then Vermeulen, the convent’s janitor, arrives at the garage. He has come to pick up the convent car that Steven has repaired. Morrison quickly hides in the back of the car and Vermeulen drives off with the boy and the baby.
      Morrison doesn’t understand what is going on. He wants to leave as soon as possible but he gets caught by aunt Zuster, who takes him into the convent. Morrison feels terrible and manages to escape a second time. He takes off with Simone in the convent car. He must take the baby to the animal shelter at all costs.
      What follows is a search for Morrison and the missing baby by the police and the villagers. But after hours of searching, they still have not been found. Despondent, the search party assembles at the house of Nina and Steven, who are beside themselves with worry. Morrison is pleased. Everything has gone exactly as he planned: he has taken the baby to the animal shelter. Now he will have his room back. But Morrison is not really happy. Something is bothering him. He decides to go back home.
      After Morrison, Simone, Steven and Nina have been reunited, the Glas family is finally complete. Morrison realises his mistake. Of course he can stay. He even has a new room!
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