Action/Adventure - Development 2013

DAVID, a Rio de Janeiro orphan teen soccer genius raised by a botanist and a TV repariman, uses the spiritual powers from his encounter with a Jaguar to escape the criminal life of the Favelas and fulfill his dreams of becoming a professional player.

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Family
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    • Writer(s)
    • Carlos GARI, Bernard O´HALLORAN
    • Producer(s)
    • Carlos GARI (Canonigo Films)
    • Synopsis
    • DAVID is a shy, fifteen-year-old orphan boy raised by a wise and loving elderly couple, ANTONIA, a respected botanist and RODRIGO, a grumpy TV repairman. They live in a small favela shanty town called Mata Machado, near the Tijuca National Park, 10 miles away from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. David has only one thing on his mind, to play football. Every day, wearing an old pair of Nikes, a F.C Barcelona t-shirt and with a ball at his feet, he walks those 10 miles of intense contrasts that separate his village in the deep, wild Brazilian jungle from an emergent Rio’s outskirts and the city itself. He does it to make some money risking his life dodging cars, in GINGA style, with his friend Jose under the control of the Alemao complex favela thug lord, UGLY.
      On his way through the transforming landscape and scenery, he constantly encounters different situations and asks himself many questions. He never stops except to help out his friend MARIA, a fourteen year-old street girl who gathers scrap metal and junk into an old, rusty shopping cart. David is captivated by her necklace made out of Coca-Cola bottle caps and her beautiful blue eyes.
      One day, SAMUEL, a beaten ex professional soccer player who is now redeeming life mistakes as a coach at a precarious favela school, Esperança, crosses paths with David and Jose during one of their street dodging betting suicidal runs and saves them from being lynched by angry drivers, after provoking an accident, and getting jailed by CAPT. SILVEIRA, an honest cop too tired of the streets. In exchange, David and Jose will have to attend school and learn the real game of “Futebol”.
      The best soccer club in the World’s Foundation, FC Barcelona, where Samuel had played long ago, is organizing a soccer competition for young talents while transforming the school into a development pedagogic center for orphan favela kids.
      The experience and opportunity of becoming a real professional triggers a radical change in David’s personality which is accentuated when he encounters a Jaguar in the Jungle who is in reality a reflection of his true self. VERA, an orphan albino girl close to shamans, explains him the secrets of this encounter.
      The hard training program at the Orphanage begins to take David and Jose away from the streets but when they witness a terrible crime committed by Ugly, things begin to twist against the two soccer magicians. Ugly begins to suspect that David and Jose might talk to the police, now that they have higher aspirations and so he sends his number one thug ROCCO to shut their mouths for ever. David injures himself and this temporary injury leaves him now option but to become interested in training alongside with coach Samuel while he is still trying to figure out his true destiny.
      Now that his biggest dream of becoming a professional is so close but setbacks are slowly under mining this dream, Antonia, Samuel and Rodrigo help him understand the laws of life and he slowly begins to understand why the road is taking him right and left up and down. Rodrigo manages to cure his injured knee, enough for him to walk.
      Jose, threatened by Ugly’s thugs, leaves training and goes back to the streets doing GINGA for money. David tries to talk him out but it’s too late, Ugly is all over him. When Capt. Silveira takes Jose first and David later for questioning on Ugly’s crime, Rocco kidnaps Maria to put pressure on David and they confront each other. Capt. Silveira follows Ugly’s trail and mobilizes his squad to unmask and arrest the criminals but David has put his life in danger trying to get Maria and Jose out of Ugly’s building, home of tens of slave kids where David will finally meet his destiny.
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    • Upon request
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