Drama - Development 2012

In 1985, Tel-Aviv, Israel's only Arab detective falls in love with a famous Jewish woman, whom he must convict for murder. Based on a true murder case, which shocked an entire nation into a moral identity crisis -- a crisis which continues till today.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • ISRAEL
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Mili AVITAL, Elian LAZOVSKY
    • Producer(s)
    • Maria FELDMAN (Tender Productions Ltd), Liat BENASULY (Tender Productions Ltd)
    • Synopsis
    • MICHEL HADDAD (34) is a very Israeli Arab. Tall, blue eyed, endlessly charming, Haddad is a Christian-Arab, and an Israeli citizen, who has assimilated entirely into the secular Israeli society. He carries a standard Israeli ID, has no Arabic accent, and is a brilliant cop in the Tel-Aviv Police Precinct, where he had just been promoted to the Head of Criminal Investigation department.
      Haddad also has a way with women, and though he likes many in Tel-Aviv, and many like him, they have no idea his life is a lot more complicated than it seems. He actually has a wife and three kids in a provincial Arabic village. He sees them only on the weekends. Haddad is a man of conflicted identity and loyalties; A traditional man who wants to assimilate; An outsider who aspires to greatness in a tight-knit society; An Arab who wants to make it in a Jewish state.
      The one challenge Haddad never expected in his meteoric rise in the police, is falling in love with a crime suspect: HAVA YAARI (38), the beautiful wife of a famous journalist, of the top echelon of Israeli society. She is a suspect in the brutal murder of MELA MALEVSKY (57), a Holocaust survivor, whose body was found by the beach in Tel-Aviv.
      As Haddad begins to investigate Hava, he is convinced she is innocent, and determined to free her. Instead, he suspects her best friend, AVIVA GRANOT (42), and tries to wean Hava off the strong influence Aviva has on her. But when he arrests Aviva, he begins to compare their versions, and realizes this had to have been a pre-meditated murder by both of them. Their motivation: to cover up for the $53,000 they stole from Malevsky's bank account.
      Realizing he was blinded by his emotions, Haddad is embarrassed and angry. He is now determined to convict Hava, and in such a high profile case, this will put him in the spotlight, and fit his ambitions. However, convicting Hava will put an end to his intense, complex relationship with the woman he is in love with. But even more so, proving her guilt will not only break his heart, it will expose the decadence and ills of the Israeli society -- a place he desperately dreamed to belong to, but now understands he never will.
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