Romance - Development 2016

The all-quintessentially-English Jack will have to reunite with his family and re-discover his Italian roots, if he wants to marry his beloved girlfriend Bryonie.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Romance
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Julian GRASS
    • Synopsis
    • His name would be Giacomo, he would be Italian, but to everyone he meets he introduces himself as Jack and insists on being British, 100% British.
      Jack works as a translator in a Soho-based captioning company and does his best to live the idyllic British life he has always dreamt of. Soon he will also be married to his beloved girlfriend Bryonie and with this will be on his way towards buying an all-English house in an all-English neighbourhood. But one day his sister Alessandra comes for a surprise visit from Italy and ruins it all. Indeed, Bryonie now insists that before marrying she wants to meet the rest of the family! But things unfortunately are not that simple...
      Jack's family is broken: not only are his parents living in two separate countries, he and his sister also refuse to reunite with them... On one side Jack doesn't want to go back to Italy and see their father, on the other Alessandra doesn't want to go to Northern England and meet their mother again; however for the sake of his future marriage Jack is going to have to make an effort.
      Now begins a journey that sheds light on the problem that has kept them apart for all these years: Jack and Alessandra have grown up in Italy with a tyrant father who in order to punish his former British wife for divorcing him would only allow them to come visit her in England once a year. And so one gave up to the Italian lifestyle, whilst the other never abandoned the dream of moving to Britain and being closer to his mother.
      But it will also be thanks to this journey - and a lot of culture clash! - that Jack will finally see a solution to the problem.