Action/Adventure - Development 2015

A fanatical fan and collector of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia follows clues around the globe that lead him to the truth behind Monroe’s too early death. But the powerful forces implicated in the game are trying to silence him before he discovers the whole story and finally releases it to the wor

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Thriller, Crime
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 25 - 50 M$
    • Synopsis
    • Jack Nichols, 52, publisher of the best-selling Hollywood-based “EM” tabloid magazine, is an obsessed Marilyn Monroe fan and the world’s foremost collector of her memorabilia. All the time, he is searching for another scandalous news story or rare items to add to his massive Marilyn collection. Born on the day Marilyn died – August 5th, 1962 – Jack has forever been haunted by one great mystery surrounding the blonde cinema goddess: did Marilyn Monroe really commit suicide, or was she murdered and, if so, by whom?
      One day, Jack receives a mysterious phone call from an old, dying paparazzo in Switzerland, who announces he will reveal the secret behind Marilyn’s death before closing his eyes forever. Jack immediately races to the airport and catches a flight to Geneva, where the old man, Marcello, lives in a nearby alpine village. Before his life ends, Marcello hands Jack a sealed diary and three note-pads filled with handwritten entries. With his last breath, Marcello wishes Jack an army of guardian angels to protect him when publishing the startling truth surrounding Marilyn’s death.
      As he leaves Marcello’s house, Jack is immediately targeted by an alliance of dark forces comprised of secret government agencies, plus the Mafia and multi-national corporations. He is the only person now possessing proof of Marilyn’s murder case, and is suddenly the prey of various powerful people from within the United States’ secret circles.
      Jack manages to escape from Geneva to Amsterdam. Shortly after he informs them of his hot Marilyn murder news, two long-befriended Dutch journalists are brutally killed. Realising that there is no safe haven for him anywhere, Jack is forced underground.
      Hiding in Stockholm and Rome etc., Jack finds shelter with his old friend Nino, the sophisticated leader of a worldwide avtive paparazzi network and press agency. With the help of Nino’s allies and their superior technology, Jack and his new Italian lover, Sophia, 33, engineer a spectacular escape from Rome by car, train, motorcycle, paraglider, speed-boat, airplane etc. to Paris. From Europe, they fly to a hideaway in a French Caribbean island, while Nino leaks Jack’s sensational top story about the Marilyn murder to the global news media.
      When Jack and Sophia arrive in Guadeloupe, front-pages of magazines and papers on news stands already display the Breaking News:
      “Marilyn Monroe Murdered! Paparazzo revealed as the 1962 Assassin paid by Kennedy Clan!”
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