By Paandurang K. JADHAV


Family - Completed 2014

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Family, Drama
    • Countries
    • INDIA
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 119 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Paandurang K. JADHAV
    • Producer(s)
    • Vijayshree SANJAY PATIL (Aanandsagar Production)
    • Synopsis
    • Manatlya Unhat

      Voiceless sunbeams

      SANJAY, Pilot in the Indian air force pursues a dream of starting wine factory in his small village. His father ‘TATYA’ does not like this idea. He writes one poem and walks out of his house. During the search, Sanjay learns that poem written by Tatya is about his unfulfilled dream. Sanjay feels guilty when he realizes that he doesn’t know his father’s dream. Sanjay digs into father’s life in search of his dream.

      At the age of twelve Tatya leaves the school and takes responsibility of his family due to his father’s sudden death. He starts working in his own farm with his uncle. Uncle cheats him by giving him less share. Tatya’s laborious work comes to an end after four years when he gets opportunity to work as a manager in the local ration shop and marries ‘CHABUTAI’. Innocent Tatya couldn’t manage recoveries from the customer. Ration shop gets closed when Tatya is blessed with son.

      Tatya’s good handwriting gives him opportunity to work as an assistant in the talathi office. Now he is blessed with another son. During the drought Tatya is falsely accused for corruption in the food distribution. ‘AANA’ former talathi admits him in the mental hospital.

      Tatya recovers from the mental illness after two years. He learns that corruption was made by Talathi who made suicide. He is blessed with girl child.

      Sanjay realizes that Tatya’s dream was education which was destroyed by destiny.

      Sanjay opens a new school.
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