Comedy - Completed 2015

Ibrahim, a Moroccan soldier, is sent to a deserted island off the
Mediterranean coast of Morocco. His orders are to monitor the
movements of smugglers and illegal immigrants, but--a pawn in a
larger game--he is being used by his superiors for murkier aims.
Ibrahim finds a Sub-Saharan man, Mamadou, washed up on the
beach. While the unlikely pair tries to survive on the small, stony
island, their presence inadvertently triggers a diplomatic incident
that crescendos into a regional military crisis.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Action/Adventure, True Story
    • Countries
    • Synopsis
    • Ibrahim, a Moroccan man in his 40s who lives in a small city in the north of Morocco, is a soldier,
      husband and father of three children. One morning when he reports for duty, his captain orders him to
      prepare for a special mission. He is given the responsibility of monitoring the illegal immigrant traffic
      on the Mediterranean coast between Morocco and Spain. He is to be based on a small, deserted island
      located a few hundred meters off of the African continent.
      After a difficult crossing, Ibrahim arrives on the miniscule island with half of his supplies soaking wet.
      His radio no longer works.
      Now completely alone, he finds shelter in a military bunker, abandoned from a much earlier international
      conflict. He moves in and begins to construct his existence. To create some semblance of normality,
      Ibrahim tours the island every morning and collects objects washed up on the beaches.
      One morning during a routine inspection, the Spanish Guardia Civil observes the Moroccan flag
      floating in the wind over the island. Since the island is supposed to be under Spanish jurisdiction, this
      piece of intelligence quickly arrives to the offices of the central government in Madrid, and the incident
      takes on another dimension, one amplified far beyond the reality of the situation.
      Meanwhile, Ibrahim has learned how to survive on the barren island, despite the diminishing supply of
      water and a broken radio. One day he stumbles across a Sub-Saharan man, Mamadou, lying unconscious
      on the beach. He was the only survivor from a boat of illegal immigrants that had perished during
      a storm.
      Despite initial mistrust, Ibrahim gradually gets to know and understand his African "prisoner", and the
      two become friends. They join forces in their combat to stay alive on the island. One evening Mamadou
      tells him about the perilous journey across the Sahara to the Mediterranean in his attempt to get to
      Unbeknownst to them, Ibrahim’s official presence on the small island is now provoking international
      repercussions. The Spanish military prepares to take the island by force. Moroccan and Spanish diplomats
      begin negotiations. And, eventually, the United States is forced to take a position in the mediation.
      Spain sends in its special forces to occupy the island and Ibrahim is evacuated. He returns to his family
      and small village with a hero’s welcome.
      The tiny island once again becomes a no man’s land, neither Spanish, nor Moroccan. Mamadou, who had
      lain low during the invasion, comes out of hiding and begins a new life.