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Action/Adventure - Development 2014

Suburban Moms destroy human trafficker ring

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Producer(s)
    • Sean SKELDING (IMD Film)
    • Synopsis
    • Maddy a fifteen year old girl is kidnapped from her suburban Portland neighborhood. She ends up the captive of international human traffickers. Unbeknownst to the kidnappers Maddy’s mother, Lily is a former member of the ultra-secret Kill Squad. With the assistance of her former squad members, Tiff and Jenn, they tear up the town to get Lily’s daughter back. In the process the Kill Squad exposes the local crime syndicate. Ivania the assassin, kills anyone that tries to interfere with these underworld criminals.
      We open in a non-descript warehouse during a porno shoot of drugged runaway girls. Outside the Kill Squad waits for porno producer. On his arrival, the Kill Squad springs into attack they take out the boss and his henchmen, including the porno director, while rescuing the young girls. But, someone else is watching, Ivania. She takes out the Kill Squad.
      In a idyllic neighborhood of tract homes and perfect lawns live Lily, and Sean Thompson, with their fifteen year old daughter. While Lily and Sean think their little princess Maddy is sleeping, she is actually go her way to college party. Lily is awaken by an unexpected phone call from someone from her past, who tells Lily that her daughter is gone. Without waking her husband, Lily springs into action, she gears up with weapons to get her daughter back.
      The strange voice from the past leads Lily to an abandon house for an one-on-one talk. It is obvious that the voice knows more about her situation and what is really going on with Maddy than Lily knows about. Lily refuses any help, that she can do it on her own, she just needs more information. Lily follows the clues.
      Lily is joined up by her old Kill Squad partners, Jenn, and Tiff. They provide the resources and information that Lily needs to track down Maddy. The team is back together, on their first mission in fifteen years. The trail of clues gets hotter and hotter. During their search the Kill Squad uncovers many illegal activities of a larger crime syndicate, which comes to the attention of Ivania. She is one step behind them, but gets closer and closer to taking the Kill Squad out of the picture.
      Finally, all clues point to one location, a warehouse in the railyard. The agency has called in the Assault Team to assist the Kill Squad in rescuing Maddy, and the rest of the kidnapped girls. It is a huge battle, but Ivania does not arrive, because she smashed up her car trying to chase down the Kill Squad. In the end, Maddy and the girls are rescued unharmed.
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