By Alberto DEL POZO


Documentary - Completed 2014

"You can settle and abandon yourself to despair or you can propose to change the destiny of others. I owed it to her because I was late with her. "

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • SPAIN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 52 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Alberto DEL POZO
    • Writer(s)
    • Alberto DEL POZO
    • Synopsis
    • Just Running is a documentary of 52 minutes long in which the sporting challenge of Eduardo Rangel is told. This 40 years man born in Cadiz has made 8 marathons in 4 days touring all the Andalusian provinces and has become the first person in the world to achieve this feat.
      But it is not only a big story from the sporting point of view. The feat becomes more important if we discover that Eduardo, just 2 years ago, was a person with morbid obesity.
      The sport, healthy lifestyle habits and a sad event that marked him forever were the key to the approach of this madness worthy of a hero.
      And, besides, the race had a crucial reason for our protagonist. He has traveled over 336 km to honor his mother. She recently passed away over a year waiting for organ transplants that never came.
      "You can settle and abandon yourself to despair or you can propose to change the destiny of others. It was to her, because she is late. "
      In less than 1 year he lost more than 55 kilos. And he did it alone, without help, without miracle diets and no gimmicks. "We all know what it means to eat healthy, but it is difficult, very difficult." "The first time I put on the tracksuit and went out to run, it was three minutes long." But if something defines Eduardo is perseverance or stubbornness. Gradually 3 minutes turned into 5, then 7 later in 15, an hour, three... The limit? It's been two years and he still has not found.
      We have accompanied Eduardo Rangel and his team on a journey through the 8 Andalusian provinces. In it, he has managed to become the first athlete to completing 8 marathons in 4 days and has set a guinness record. The months training before starting the challenge, technical meetings, the bell of communication, doctors checkups... a large team of professionals are behind Eduardo man trying to prove that there are no limits when you have clear objective. Still, the hardness of the physical evidence is such that any step in bucket could turn this dream into a nightmare.
      In addition, each marathon serves as an excuse to get to know important aspects of the life of our hero. Kilometer to kilometer surprises us with a life full of bittersweet moments alike. Gradually, this madness makes sense and realize that, behind all the effort, there is a very strong heart that beats for a very noble cause.
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