Drama - Development 2012

A young gay man deported from London to Nairobi comes face to face with American televangelism and Christian political lobbying.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Drama
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    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Kivu RUHORAHOZA (POV Productions), Dominic ALLEN (Camera Club)
    • Synopsis
    • Jomo, a young gay Kenyan man named after Jomo Kenyatta, the father of Kenyan independence lands in Nairobi, Kenya. He just got deported from London after ten years living in the UK. Jomo's arrival coincides with the one of famous American televangelist Rev. Stanley Renge who is organizing a month-long Christian campaign called I Want You for Heaven!
      Upon arrival, Jomo is welcomed by Francis, an old very effeminate friend, who says he has been “born again and healed.” Francis is now married and he lives the life of a young middle-class man in Nairobi. When entering Francis' house, Jomo gets surprised by the heavy and suffocating Christian atmosphere. While eating dinner, the two friends argue on the fact that Jomo has turned very un-african because he doesn't want to eat meat...
      At a hotel bar somewhere in town, an elegant male prostitute called Jomo is invited in a room by Ibrahima, a mysterious Nigerian businessman. Ibrahima asks the young prostitute lots of questions and doesn't touch him. He tells Jomo that he will only pay him for the wasted time if he comes back the next day. He even promises to pay him double and a possible bonus ...
      The next day, Jomo (the deportee) goes downtown for a walk and meets Francis for lunch. Francis gives him phone numbers of old friends but refuses to give him the number of one particular guy called Jomo pretending that he doesn't know him! Jomo then goes to a supermarket, to public parks, walks around the city and very often he notices people watching him. He also notices that Rev. Stanley Renge's face is everywhere on billboards, banners, posters and TV pointing a finger at him in an imitation of the famous poster I Want You For U.S. Army but with the words I Want You for Heaven! Jomo wonders if he is not becoming paranoid. With an unidentifiable phone number, he calls his father who lives in a village and lies to him saying that he has been transferred to work in a small village in England. One night while eating dinner with Francis and his wife, Jomo (the deportee) tells Francis that he will be seeing Jomo the next day. Francis warns him about the consequences of dealing with Jomo.
      Meanwhile, two American men, Scott Mullin and Eudes Urban, from an organization called The Fellowship are busy meeting with high government officials, advising them on God-led leadership...
      One night, Jomo and Francis watch a television show with Rev. Stanley Renge talking about statistics that link homosexuality to sexual offences. Rev. Stanley Renge insists that homosexuals can heal and he says that it is his goal to cure them. Jomo gets angry and storms out of the room. He then calls a friend, Jomo, who is an activist and a musician and goes to stay with him! Jomo the activist introduces Jomo the deportee to the life of a homosexual in Nairobi using military terminology. He warns him about becoming a prostitute or a gigolo or any other easy way out and encourages him to fight. Jomo the deportee gets scared and grows more paranoid.
      When Jomo the deportee is about to run out of money, he starts looking for a job. He ends up starting an affair with a married man who previously interviewed him for a job that he finally didn't get.
      Scott Mullin and Eudes Urban have a final meeting with the Prime Minister. One of their protégés in the parliament, MP David Mahirwe, is about to introduce an anti-homosexuality bill that promises to be controversial and the two men lobby the Prime Minister to give a clear support to the bill. MP David Mahirwe tells the Prime Minister that local media, especially the two most popular tabloids, are ready to support the bill. Eudes Urban finally invites the Prime Minister to Washington DC where his organization is based and promises him access to some powerful men in Congress and the Senate.
      One night, on the way home, after a long night of drinking and a failed attempt to sleep with a prostitute, two men follow Jomo and violently assault him... The same evening, while Jomo the prostitute is watching television, he sees Ibrahima at a UN conference with a different name presenting some paper. Next to Jomo, a copy of the Pili Pili newspaper is lying on a coffee table with a front page announcing the names of 50 gay men with their photos and addresses with a large title reading FIND THEM! HANG THEM!
      On their last meeting, Jomo the prostitute confronts Ibrahima about his incessant questions. Ibrahima reveals his secret: his son was a prostitute and was killed by a ranking officer who wanted to avoid a scandal. Jomo asks him why his son turned a prostitute while he seems to be doing well. Ibrahima, ashamed, refuses to answer. He then begs Jomo to help him get out of prostitution and offers him money. Jomo asks him if all he wanted was to understand what had happened to his son. Ibrahima says yes. Jomo disappointed leaves him in the room. Alone in his room, Ibrahima bursts into tears. In the elevator, Jomo meets Scott Mullin who keeps looking at him discretely. In the hotel lobby, Scott Mullin takes a last look at Jomo who is walking toward the hotel exit...
    • Partners & financing
    • POV Productions (Rwanda)
      Family Affair Films (Holland)
      Camera Club (Australia)
      Hot Sun Films (Kenya)
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Oct 01, 2012
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