Comedy - Development 2015

The journey of a tango instructor who discovers his inner self.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Synopsis
    • Gabriel lives in Milan and takes his tango shoes to a cobbler to get them repaired. After examining the shoes with expertise, the shoemaker suggests not to repair the shoes because he says he will have more problems if he does. Gabriel continues to wear the shoes and goes to different milongas offered in the city where he eventually meets Daniela and Franca, who then become his new students of tango. In his personal life, there are many animals in the neighborhood, one of which he has grow akin to: a dog who he starts confiding in, having a so-called “dialogue” with this dog.

      His mundane life, made up of friends and tango lessons, undergo a great change when Daniela and Franca offer him to go to Kenya to organize summer tango courses in a paradise seaside resort. This could mean a great beginning and change for that place in Kenya.

      The idea of the trip begins to buzz in his head and the desire of making a film in Kenya doesn’t let him sleep. Gabriel begins to make a number of telephone calls and meetings to start moving things to make his project a reality, until he meets Andrea, a producer. Andrea tells him that it is important to participate in film festivals so that he can find money to fund the film. Andrea helps Gabriel have a “pitching” at the festival of San Sebastian, a possibility to get out of his everyday routine, to change his life.

      The improvised pitching in front of financers and the little interest shown in the project, leave Gabriel feeling very sad and disturbed inside. He goes back to Milan asking advice from his friend on four legs and understands that the solution is to keep insisting and to present his project in festivals in Rome and Venice.

      In Venice, Gabriel tries to get closer to the producers but does not know how to go about it until he meets a young actress who he makes a deal with, something that interests Andrea, the producer. Andrea, who is kind of shocked by the appearance of this girl, invites the two on his yacht to be introduced to an important agent who promises to finance the project on the condition that the girl is in the film. On the way back to Milan, the confirmation of the trip to Kenya arrives a little before any plans get made. A little chat with his special friend inspire him to prepare himself physically well for the tango master class, which he does with daily runs at the park.

      In Kenya, Gabriel discovers that nothing has been organized and finds that not even the funding of the agent has been finalized. Time flies between safari, beaches, and a superficial life of luxury. The tanguero becomes in tune with nature and location of the place. A friend of Daniela shows the girl and Gabriel an old card written in Arabic found on the beach. Daniel seeks to take the manuscript to her brother who studies antique languages.

      Gabriel accepts whatever his life offers and is happy because he is able to make others happy. In other words, whatever happens to him is a revelation of the film in