Thriller - Development 2015

Never Leave Your Past Behind

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Crime, First film
    • Countries
    • ISRAEL
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • In Finis
      by Assaf Ben Shetrit

      In a dark cave a young man’s incoherent prayers grow louder and louder gaining force. His body collapses with a thud, blood pooling on the ground. His fingers clutching ancient scriptures.
      In Finis
      Two brothers: born of the same father – an acclaimed professor who took his life after a terrible accident. Two brothers now united after seven years for their father’s memorial in Jerusalem. Two brothers, who couldn’t be further apart; Nir returning from the decadence of New York City with his girlfriend Maya, who's eager to see the streets where Jesus once walked. Eli has turned to the Order of Light – a yeshiva set in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, descendants of the Essenes - the ancient guardians of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a relic of the greatest magnitude – In Finis, the lost book of the bible.
      Wails of muazzins, church bells, spices –both vivid and stark and vapors of strong coffee all mark the Old City of Jerusalem. The past comes back in flashes, stronger and stronger attacking Nir. Old photographs with his brothers, his foot caught in a rusty nail in the attic while investigating blood that drips from the ceiling, a young boy, Eden, who wordlessly appears in a courtyard, a club, even high on the hills of the cemetery the day of the service for his father.
      Eli tells Nir he’s in danger. Things have spun out of control; two men have gone missing from the yeshiva and Eli is being followed. The self-prophecy is eminent – that night a gunshot blasts in his room and Eli is found dead. Nir finds a note his brother gave him – find Yuval. His brother was murdered, he realizes.
      He tracks down Yuval, the only friend that Eli confided in, pressing for answers. The truth is webbed, woven, tangled, he explains to Nir and Maya. The Order of Light, Eli’s Yeshiva, are the guarding of an ancient book kept out of the bible for fear of its content. Eli was going to expose it, but then he died. Yuval stops short of telling Nir where the book lies. Go to the police, he urges him echoed by Maya’s pleas. But Nir is convinced he has to find the book himself. Eden the boy now accompanies him, leading him into a cave, using his father’s old notebooks. It is there. He knows it’s there. He knows he must find it. It is in the cave where Nir comes face to face with his past, threatening to finally resurface and expose his secrets.

      Maya stares up at the cave. The sun filters through the clouds. Nir had warned her about Jerusalem syndrome – a trigger that sets off in perfectly normal people exposed to intense religious experiences when the visit the most holy city on earth. She looks at the dot marking the cave again, she is too far away to see, but standing in front of the cave is Eden, his tunic flapping in the wind. An officer watches as Maya is ushered away. He takes his phone out and dials. ‘The book is safe’ he says and hangs up.
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