Comedy - Post-Production 2014

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • MEXICO
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Fernando LEBRIJA, Miguel TEJADA FLORES
    • Synopsis
    • LOGAN is a high school senior with some insecurities. His PARENTS treat him like an immature kid. He doesn’t exist for LINA, the girl he has a crush on. When he steals his Dad’s vintage Camaro to impress her, he accidentally crashes it and gets grounded for his much-anticipated Spring Break vacation. But when his crazed best friend, BLAKE, discovers Lina is going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Logan waits until his parents leave on their Anniversary Cruise, then promptly heads off to Mexico with Blake, determined to do it right this time.
      When he finally catches up with Lina in Puerto Vallarta, she is drunk and disheveled at a wild ‘Foam Party’ and tells him to get lost. Logan is completely defeated by this harsh rejection until he meets meets GABY, a beautiful and cool Mexican Girl. After spending the best night of his life with her, he’s in love, until he discovers her surprising occupation- a CALL GIRL, and one that wants to be paid for her services. After an ATM excursion with Blake, Logan returns to the Motel to find Gaby has disappeared, along with his father’s vintage Rolex, which he brought to Mexico to “impress” Lina.
      With help from CHUY, a crazed Taxi driver, they track Gaby down, only to learn her twisted pimp, THE CANADIAN, has taken the Rolex and wants $5000 for it. Gaby regrets this and she decides to help him get the watch back. They head for the one place Chuy knows you can make a lot of $$$ fast - El Palenque, the cock-fighting arena! After losing half their money, Logan convinces Blake to bet everything they have left on Greenie, a scrawny rooster who’s a 20 to 1 longshot. Against all odds, Greenie wins! Before leaving Logan, an animal lover, releases all the captive roosters and gets chased by a mob of angry bettors.
      Meanwhile, Blake has his own misadventures including a drunken night with a hot BABE who won the wet T-shirt contest, only to discover that ‘she’ is in fact a ‘he’. Back home, Logan’s friend EUGENE who is house-sitting has a secret agenda. He has filled the house with marijuana plants and grow lights. Eugene nearly gets busted by Logan’s GRANDMA, but after she enjoys the weed cookies, she gets a little crazy, going joy-riding in the Camaro while singing a Barry Manilow song at the wild Weed Party Eugene throws. Her biggest moment comes when she convinces the two COPS about to bust the party to go off duty and join the party.
      Logan’s woes multiply when he, Blake and Chuy rendez-vous with the Canadian to trade $$$ for the Rolex and wind up getting drugged. They wake up naked in a stolen Mercedes that belongs to the Mayor, parked in front of the Police Station! Chuy saves the day as a badass bare ass driver to escape the cops. Gaby hatches a crazy scheme to dognap the Canadian’s beloved French Bulldog as ransom for the watch. The Canadian tries one more double-cross before finally handing the Rolex over. That’s when his bulldog swallows a chicken wing and starts choking, but Logan, whose own dog died in a similar way, saves the Bulldog.
      Before leaving Mexico, Blake hooks up with Lina and Gaby surprises Logan by showing up on the plane, set to go home with him. Logan gets another surprise when he discovers Grandma & Eugene have repaired the Camaro. When his parents come home, Logan gets respect for the first time in his life as well as the car keys, to take his new girlfriend on a drive
    • Partners & financing
    • Irreversible Cinema http://www.irreversiblecinema.com
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