By Sigrid Andrea BERNARDO


Social issues - Development 2019

This is the love story of Jiro and Jessica. Both with Down syndrome, they have to fight against other people’s prejudices. Can they love each other just like everyone else?

& Awards

Hong Kong Film Financing Forum 2016
    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Social issues, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.3 - 0.6 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Sigrid Andrea BERNARDO
    • Synopsis
    • A special world, a special love, a special relationship. This is the story of Jiro and Jessica. Both have Down syndrome. Both are in their 20s and are highly functional. Two different lives sharing the same world.

      Jiro lives in a dysfunctional family where his parents are on the verge of separation. His only refuge are his collection of wind chimes, which he himself makes. The sound from the wind chimes calms him. Even with this condition, Jiro tries his best to be independent.

      At a very young age, Jessica is abandoned by his father leaving her mother to raise her by herself. Despite her conditions and family situation, Jessica has become very sociable. She is very active in school, loves to perform and speaks her mind. She is highly functional and works at the school canteen after class.

      Jiro is a new student in Jessica’s class, like most other new students, Jiro has his own world and doesn’t want to socialize with his classmates. He notices Jessica’s enthusiasm and independence while Jessica notices Jiro’s quiet and somewhat eccentric demeanor.

      Days pass and their fondness for each other grows. But Jiro’s health is failing so is the marriage of his parents. Jiro finds out that his mother is leaving his father and taking him with her to America to have his health checked. Before his planned departure, Jiro wants to have a date with Jessica. Some of their classmates know of their blooming relationship and help them escape during their sportsfest so they can have a date by themselves. Jiro plans the perfect date for him and Jessica. He has a collection of pictures of his favorite places. Together, they try to locate these places.

      Jiro and Jessica conquer the streets together and try to be independent. They try to do things that normal people do like taking public transportation, buying street food or going to the mall. They will realize that not all people are nice, and that in reality there are people that look down on them. But they both try their best to overcome whatever hindrance would come their way.

      After one whole day of being away from their home, their parents and teachers finally find them. They get separated from each other. But Jiro and Jessica’s love can’t be stopped. They run away a second time. They first get “married” with their teacher and classmates as their witness. Then they decide to go to Jiro’s nanny’s province. They want to live on their own away from their parents’ supervision and interference. Nobody can stop them from discovering how life is outside their sheltered lives. They accept the outside world and yearn to try to live in it. They make choices and decisions on their own and as a couple and they will forever be happy to do things together with the one they love.

      Not for long their parents find them. Unfortunately, it is already too late for one of them as Jessica succumbs to her illness and quietly passes away beside the man she loves.