By Ahmed AQLE


Horror - Completed 2019

The legend of return the king (Setnakht) dead body the kings of evil at the ancient Egyptians to life and
re-governing for controlling the humanity, has been focus of the attention of the evil`s groups for thousands of years until now..Many of the blood of the innocent people has flow as a oblate

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Horror, Thriller, Second film
    • Countries
    • EGYPT
    • Languages
    • ARABIC
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Ahmed AQLE
    • Writer(s)
    • Shady ALMOSALAMY
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • the legend :
      The king (Setnakht ) god of evil in the ancient Egyptians; he arranges for his brother the king (Osiris) and he can kill him to take over the throne.
      But the queen (Isis) king's (Osiris) wife, succeeds to reaching his body after the king (Setnakht) ripped it and but him into a coffin and threw it into the Nile River, and reviving him with the help of the chief priest.
      (Osiris) back to life & the queen (Isis) giving birth the king (Horus), who fights his uncle the king (Setnakht) ; after the king (Osiris) left and lived in the life of the hereafter to be the god of the Baath at the Pharaohs.
      (Horus) manages to overcome his uncle and kill him; Queen (Isis) cast a magical mantra on the cemetery of King (Setnakht) so that his followers can not revive him again after the king (Horus) expelled them from the country.
      Nowadays :
      Wake up (Salma ) from sleep and She is always in a state of grief and depression that has been in control since her daughter died in an accident, especially after her husband (Murad) left her, accusing her of causing his daughter to be killed because of her negligence and her constant preoccupation with her work as a journalist.
      (Salma) begins a press investigation as a favor for her friends (Dalia) who insists to helping (Salma) get out of her situation. about old house has collapsed in an archaeological area in the Haram area.
      During the investigation (Salma) found a camera inside the ruins of collapsed house with a recording of (Atef) the owner of the house, saying in : that he was killed and that there a crime happened inside the collapsed house and he wrote it in his memoirs book which he hid it in somewhere.
      (Salma) gets these notes and begins to read them & turns out that is (Atef) works as a subcontractor in favor of his boss to purchase old houses in the archaeological areas. He bought that house and the boss ordered him to live there for a while.
      (Atif) and his wife (sahar) who is pregnant in her first months are moving to old house ..
      The days pass and the (sahar) situation get worsens and she depressed after being subjected to the curse of the house , (Atef) brings a (Sahar) sister (Habibah) from the country to take care of her , but (Atef) and (habibah) are caught in the taboo and they have an illegal relationship; ( sahar ) sees them and becomes more depressed and commits suicide , (Atef) and (Habiba) get married . .
      Atef goes to the boss to discover that is cemetery under the house and what happened to (sahar) is curse of this cemetery, (Atef) get angry of that and decides to remove out his boss and to dig out of the cemetery and get the Treasure with the help of his friend (Yasser).
      (Atef) begins with (Yasser) with the help of (Shaykh Subayh) the expert in the world of spirituality and harnessing the jinn in exploration, but the curse hits everyone and they fight and the house collapses on them.
      (salma) goes to the collapsed house to bring the memory cards of the camera to confirming the credibility of the novel, but she meets her husband the officer (Murad), so it turns out that the whole novel is false and that (Atef) how's appearing in camera is unreality and He is a demon whispers to (salma) to push her to go to the cemetery and open it because she wearing a necklace of "Horus eye" and the one who wears it can remove the magic spell that Queen (Isis) gave on the cemetery of King (Setnakht).
      It is clear that all this is the work of her friend (Dalia) of Moroccan origin, who belongs to the evil people of the followers of God (setnakht) who expelled them (Horus) from the country.
      The necklace of "Horus eye" moves to (uncle Mohsen) the sanitation worker in the mental hospital where (salma) was placed after the officer (Murad) accusing her of madness; and begins (Atef) to play on (uncle Mohsen) to get him to go to the damned house again .. (House of setnakht) to open the cemetery.