Horror - Development 2018

In an English castle a team of researchers of the occult are sent by the owner to make an episode of their TV show, and deny that the castle is haunted. Alan and his colleagues will be chased by the ghosts that haunt the castle who will try to kill them. Will Susan 's love save him?

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Horror
    • Countries
    • ITALY
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 96 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Edoardo MARGHERITI
    • Writer(s)
    • Edoardo MARGHERITI, Cristiana ASTORI
    • Producer(s)
    • Gian Gabriele FOSCHINI (Gika Productions Srl), Francesca TOSETTI (Gika Productions Srl)
    • Synopsis
    • Robert Everett Fulton (Tomas Arana), and his two assistants, Alan Foster and Christine Dawson, are paranormal researchers, and also authors of a successful tv program: "Haunted". They are hired by an English countess to study and examine an old castle in the London province, a property that the woman wants to sell. She wants them to deny the legends of ghosts around the castle which are lowering the value on the market. They should spend the night of November 1st in the castle, the night of the dead, during which there seems to be the climax of the presences of ghosts. They accepted the offer and, the day after, the first day of november, Alan goes to the castle to begin setting the equipment.
      Alan meets a young and beautiful girl in the castle, Susan, she's Lady Elizabeth's cousin, and she is there to help him. The girl tells Alan all the history of the castle, and the young man discovers that many of the legends about the mysterious deaths are actually true. Susan and Alan set the equipment in different rooms, until they arrive in a bedroom where two hundred years before, the first bloody events occurred and set the legend of the "Castle of blood". Susan is getting excited and being provocative while narrating the story, in fact they end to kiss each other. The two make love passionately on the same bed that witnessed the murders. An invisible presence seems to spy on them and approaching the young man. Susan jumps up, she has to go away, but promises Alan that she will come back later.
      Shortly before midnight, as agreed, Robert and Christine arrive to the castle and start recording their television program. While working on it, Cristina has a contact with an entity that touches her hair and then pull it with violence. She screams, Alan and Robert run to her but find a realistic explanation, a crack in the chair has ripped her hair.
      Other events put them in alarm. On the video monitor appear images of people that they can't see if not in the screen. They understand that the monitors show the events that occurred in the past in that places. Going up to the bedroom they witness the murders that were narrated by Susan, always through the display of the infrared cameras. Cristina is scared, this is the first time they are faced with something real, not the usual fake bullshits make for the TV show, and she wants to leave. They run down the stairway and reach the door, but only to discover that they are trapped, the door is closed and the windows are blocked by railings.
      They decide to split and search for other ways out. Alan returns to the upper floors to get the camera back , and he meets Susan again, asks how she manages to enter while the door is sealed. Meanwhile, Robert and Cristina are in the basement looking for an exit in the garden, but are attacked and killed by a demon, an horrible creature that crawls in the shadows like a giant snake. Alan and Susan heard the screams through the radio and rushed down to the basement but too late. Alan finds only the two dead bodies. He turns to Susan but she's disappeared. The camera display shows the demon getting closer to Alan. The boy leaves in search of Susan just a second before being attacked. When he arrives to the hall, he sees Susan entering the castle with another girl. They laugh like if nothing happened. Alan tries to reach her, but he can't move, a supernatural force holds him immobilized, even his screams are not heard from the girls. The other girl goes to the bathroom and Susan is left alone in the room. The lights go off and the demon materializes into the hall. He attacks Susan, kills her and feeds on her blood. Alan witness the girl's death without being able to move. Then the images disappear, the entire room begins to change, bringing Alan back in time or in a hell dimension.
      Susan appears at his side, she wanted to show him the moment of his death, which occurred over 30 years ago on that same night, the night where the spirits of all those who died in the castle go back to relive that moment, and if they can feed on human blood can get back alive, but only for a few hours until dawn. Now they want Alan, but Susan decided to help him to escape, because she fell in love with him. She guides him through the basement towards a secret exit to the garden, then she disappears.
      Robert and Christine, resurrected from the dead, block the passage and try to catch Alan, to kill him and feed of his blood. But Alan manages to escape and exit. He runs out into the park, he finds an old pitchfork and picks it up to defend himself, he runs up to the small family cemetery. The young man looks around, the sun is rising, he managed to escape, the ghosts can not follow him outside the walls of the castle and the dawn will imprison them for another year. He throws his pitchfork into the ground and sees a gravestone different from other, more recent, made of white marble. On the gravestone a photo of Susan and her name is carved in the stone. Alan steps back and slips on the wet soil falling down on top on the sharped edge of the pitchfork that pierces his neck. He dies with his eyes fixed to Susan’s image while his blood fills up the letters of her name.
Few days later, the castle it's been cleared, everything was cleaned up. Only few police tapes of the forensic, witness the horrible events that have happened. The Countess enters the room and takes an old family photo album. It runs up to the photography of Susan and she puts near it a small photo of Alan, cropped somewhere. Then she walks away and ghostly disappears in the light that filters through a window.
      The two photos on the album seem to look and smile at each other. Then suddenly the book closes with a thud plunging the screen in the dark.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Sep 01, 2014
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