Thriller - Development 2016

An American interrogator at a Guantanamo-like black site must
extract a confession from an Al Qaeda leader by any means
necessary, but a series of brutal murders on the base push him to the limit and test his faith, and ultimately make him suspect that he himself may be the murderer.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Dw GORDON
    • Producer(s)
    • Dw GORDON (Grand Slam PIctures)
    • Synopsis
    • Darryl Green sits naked in a bathtub with a pistol in his left hand pointed at his temple, and a pistol in his right hand pointed at his mentor and best friend, Sean James. Sean asks him “Are you the murderer?”.
      Darryl is distraught and completely lost and mumbles, “Yes, no, I don’t know”.
      Flashback to a couple of weeks earlier as Darryl, an American interrogator in his 30s, arrives at a Guantanamo-like black site on a remote tropical island and begins his interrogation of Hassan Ahmed, a brilliant Egyptian also in his 30s, who is reputed to be the #4 in Al Qaeda.
      Hassan is utterly brilliant and Darryl is no match for him. Darryl is defeated again and again in the intellectual warfare that is interrogations. The base commander, Frederick Marksfield III, increasingly exerts pressure on Darryl to extract a confession by any means necessary, but Darryl starts to believe that Ahmed may not be who he is reputed to be.
      Frustrated with Darryl, Marksfield brings in additional interrogators who have no qualms about using torture to extract confessions. Maurice is a master torturer having honed his craft in the 1960s with Marksfield in Vietnam and Chile. Mona is Maurice’s protégé and she uses her sexuality to humiliate and torture the detainees. They have greater success than Darryl in obtaining confessions, but Darryl insists that confessions obtained through torture are not legal.
      And then a horrific murder takes place on the base. A guard is beheaded and an Arabic inscription written in blood has an ominous warning: All Torturers Will Die. Marksfield is furious and brings in Sean James to investigate the murder. Sean is good friends with Darryl having mentored him during his training many years ago and they have remained close through the years.
      All indications are that the murder was committed by an Al Qaeda operative looking to protect Hassan Ahmed, but Sean doesn’t buy it. Another interrogator is beheaded and this throws everyone on the base into a total frenzy of paranoia. Sean starts to suspect Darryl because he has no alibi for the murders, and he’s a notorious sleepwalker who forgets what he has done while sleepwalking.
      Darryl feels caught in a trap. Marksfield pushes him even harder to get a confession from Ahmed, but Darryl concludes that Ahmed is not who they say he is. This makes Marksfield and Sean suspect Darryl even more, and they come to believe that Al Qaeda may have coopted him.
      Darryl loses all faith in the cause and decides he is done with this life forever. He resolves to leave the base and marry his girlfriend Belicia and move to a farm he plans to buy in the Salinas Valley in California. But just as he is about to depart there are more beheadings and Sean arrests Darryl. Marksfield visits Darryl in his cell and shocks Darryl by letting him go and by handing him a pistol. Marksfield expects Darryl to murder Hassan, but Darryl actually lets Hassan go free.
      Later that evening, Mona and Maurice are brutally beheaded and everything points to Hassan and Darryl. Darryl even believes he himself may indeed be the murderer and he thinks about suicide, but then he is visited by the real murderer and all is revealed.
      Sean arrives to arrest him and Darryl is so lost and confused he does not know whether to shoot himself or Sean…