Science-fiction - Development 2019

Set in a dystopian world, Genesis is a journey by the greatest gamer ever to uncover his past plagued with lucid dreams. With the help of his new found love he must overcome his past and save the fate of humanity through an enhanced new form of gaming – “The Violent Hour”.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction, Thriller, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • Set in the future, the greatest gamer the world has ever known plagued with lucid dreams, is forced to uncover his past and defeat an enhanced new form of gaming – “The Violent Hour” in order to save the fate of humanity. It’s 2069 and the world’s problems have all been solved: genetic diseases have been eradicated, disabilities wiped out, there is no more hunger or water shortage. Behind it all is Viacon, an all-encompassing company, that is faced with only one final problem to solve: the world’s population. A system of credits is created and controlled through Xperience – the new form of gaming, where lives are shortened or prolonged depending if you win or lose. This is the new world, this is Genesis. Viacon’s creator, Jay, is about to launch The Violent Hour, an enhanced 5-D Systems Xperience. Intuitively the X will build its own world and perfect entire universes in a matter of weeks. The Violent Hour just needs Manny to test it. This is our hero: Manny, the best X-er the world has ever known. The Violent Hour begins… Wooden doors burst open, Manny steps inside a temple. A dozen archers draw their bows about to deliver a hail of arrows. A ninja master flies through the air and the battle commences. Manny races down a corridor. He locates a door, enters and—nearly falls into an abyss of black mass. The X has faltered; a world that was supposed to be complete is part unbuilt. Jay and his head engineer, Norton, go back to work. Rain blankets the metropolis as night falls. Manny, disguised, sets out to discover Eve, a former X designer. There’s something mysterious hidden in her eyes. Something Manny has been longing for, something that he’s missing. Manny asks Eve to accompany him on a tour and become part of his team. She agrees and seeks out a retired guru, Frank Wood, to bring her up to date on X design. It isn’t long before Manny and Eve fall in love. But the stronger Eve’s feelings for Manny, the more things don’t seem right to her… Manny’s persisting nightmares, the black mass Manny had encountered in The Violent Hour. Something sinister lurks. Digging deep Eve uncovers an Integrated Artificial Intelligence program that was supposedly abandoned when Manny was born. Frank and Norton turn up dead. Viacon’s agents are closing in on Manny and Eve. They realize there is only one way to stop Jay from his plans. One solution to save us from a new age where humans are a thing of the past. To return to The Violent Hour… and dive into the abyss.