LGBT - Completed 2017

Through candid interviews and humorous real life stories, Families Like Yours demystifies LGBT families and their lives, showcasing that they are just as loving, busy, and complicated as any other family. Families Like Yours follows six families as they attempt to balance work and school, rush kids to sports practice, and deal with diaper duty. From all across the nation and in all different stages of family life, from conception to grandchildren, these families represent a cross-section of the modern American family-- the only difference is that they are LGBT families. Family is about love, respect and taking care of each other, independently of ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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    • Year of production
    • 2017
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    • LGBT, Family, Documentary
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    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 51 mn
    • Synopsis
    • The idea for this project came from the need to show a variety of examples that meet a social demand, and speak to the basic right to raise a family and to be recognized within the legal realm. The motivating force is an opportunity to change the narrative and facilitate the raising of more children in healthier and more welcoming environments.
      The focus is on cases representing disparate stories but with a common core, allowing us to investigatethe following:
      The past - when the possibility of same sex unions was unthinkable, leading to repression and self-denial.
      The present - where the need is to educate society after the legal recognition that allows not only marriage equality, but guarantees rights established for these 'new families”, so they are incorporated into society seamlessly.
      They range from marriage equality to forming a legally recognized family, to protecting a child of thatunion.
      Finally, for those with the desire to start a family - The wish to pass on to future generations thetrue meaning of family, free from prejudice and regardless of differences in sexual orientation - andsimply based on shared care , affection and responsibility.

      We believe that the key to starting a family is the same desire that motivates any couple who loves children sees a family as a natural extension of themselves, regardless of gender of physiology.
      The cases documented in this project are all characterized by one of the most powerful forces inhumanity: LOVE. All people interviewed who opened up their souls in this documentary are brave beings who took a gamble on life. They hoped that this ever-changing society could soon provide them the shelter they need to feel confident that their own families, which they have dreamed of, nurtured and raised, will eventually be protected by law…and above all, by understanding and tolerance. And while full equality has not yet been uniformly achieved, in their everyday lives, they are just like every other family.

      The intention of this project is to uncover memories of life without differences with other stories. The interviews show that inequalities are a construct that emerges from within ourselves as a society – and how much easier it would be if we could act with empathy and respect. If we can identify with the daily experiences of the protagonists, we resolve that their experience is so different from our own.

      Six families, six different life stories, but all in the same bases Love and the strength that take to rise a family.
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