By Tristan BARR


Science-fiction - Pre-Production 2018

A loner man and a telepathic woman rally together out of necessity in a post-apocalyptic World, searching for a new beginning.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction, Thriller, Epic
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Tristan BARR
    • Synopsis
      The year is 2070. Following a spike in global temperatures to surge above 2 degrees and resulting natural catastrophes that wiped most of the world’s population, creating political tensions between the world powers concluding in a devastating atomic war. Very little remains apart from militaristic survival groups, and nomad wanderers which is where we are introduced to our protagonists.

      Dane is rooting about in a shipwrecked junkyard outside of one of the larger cities owned by a militaristic group known as the Equz. The Equz catch sight intruders and a chase ensues. Dane escapes with a young women Bella. After a gripping escape, Dane questions her and she reveals she is “telepathic”, and she can read minds. Dane is skeptical, but is intrigued by a paradise that she has seen in visions.
      Out of necessity this ‘odd couple’ continue together and are just about to abandon hope when an oasis is sighted. It’s revealed they aren’t as alone as they first thought. A mysterious figure lurks in the reeds. Whilst bathing Bella and Dane’s sexual desires overflow and a fierce bond forms between them. A third survivor named Adoni emerges from the reeds. Bella immediately finds an affinity to her earthy tribal nature and Dane finds some unexpected peace with this comical stranger.
      Dane and Bella are forcefully awoken by Equz officers who had snuck up during the night. A vicious gang of men shoots out against the Equz prevailing due to their numbers. The introduction of these new men quickly leads to the revelation of a worsened situation due to the impending cannibalism.
      Adoni having escaped to the reeds earlier is now able to trail and release them at an appropriate moment. They spend the next few days lost in the desert. Dane, Bella, & Adoni find a safe haven called Vengenance and join it’s defensive league. The Equz have now sent more officers in response. A battle eventuates. Adoni is killed. Bella is revealed to have had a regrettable history with the Equz, which has been key in leading their nemesis to Vengeance. Dane is torn, but choosing life and overcoming his deep seeded insecurity he leads an epic battle to escape.
      They crest a small hill and Bella is delighted to see the world from her visions stretched out before her. Dane can’t believe the sight. She runs out, laughing and smiling, with Dane at her side. Her visions fulfilled. She collapses onto the soft grass and looks up at the blue sky. Dane’s face leans over hers, but begins to fade... she is sleepy...
      Dane is frantically trying to bring her back with CPR, not in the paradise vision but now suddenly in the reality of the baron landscape. Beside him Bella is having one of her seizures. Bella limp...
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