Drama - Development 2015

The story starts at the last day of World War II, the meeting of Russians and Americans at the bank of the river Elbe in spring 1945.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • RUSSIA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Michael MASTEROVOY
    • Synopsis
    • love story between Russian lieutenant and German girl in the final days of the War. May of 1945. End of World War II. Russian army encounter American army at the river Elbe. People getting to know each other, becoming friends, celebrating victory…One Russian officer falls in love with local German girl, another gets involved in romantic relationship with American girl . Life and love looks suddenly so easy.. but this illusion would disappear in a way they would never expected
      Written by Petr Todorovsky (Oscar Nomination for the Best Foreign film in 1983)
      The story starts at the last day of World War II, the meeting of Russians and Americans at the bank of the river Elbe in spring 1945.
      Americans are very friendly to Russians, not in spite of the language barrier, there are mutual sympathy around. The main character - 22 year old lieutenant Yuri Nikitin, in spite of rather young age, was appointed as commandant of the small town Yerehof on the bank of the river Elbe . The house where Yuri is located , before the war belonged to Hans Lemke, a large landlord, who owned half the town. Lemke is still alive, he did not manage to run across the river together with other German soldiers into American territory. Full of hate and out of misery Lemke is waiting for an opportunity to shoot Yury from his sniper rifle. One day Russian soldiers captured 18 years old German girl named Hanelora, It turned out that she was from “Hitlerurgen”, and claiming to be a niece of admiral Paulus. Despite of the danger to be punished for doing that, he decides to hide her from the authorities, although he understands that anyway all this will end up badly for both of them… The night before the holiday meeting between Russians and Americans ,Yuri and Hanelora spend together, they both fall in love. Intoxicated feelings , youth and the fact that the war is over took away all their precautions and they fall asleep right in the Yuri’s office. In the morning Yuri’s chief officer woke them up… Yuri was ordered immediately take the German girl into counterintelligence office. Bearded, dirty Lemke is sitting on the tree, watching Yuri through the optical of his sniper rifle. Lemke sees Yuri riding in the car away from the town. Lemke understands that this is his last chance. In that moment, when a shot rang out, Hanelora for a moment accidentally blocked Yuri and took a shot at herself…
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    • Atlantic Plus
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