Comedy - Development 2015

John Jairo, a young middle-class Colombian, chronicles his life from the moment he was born until the day he comes into the world his firstborn, counting key moments, describing how his mother raised him and educated, and how, over the time, he ended up trying to educate and raise her to too.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
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    • Comedy, Family
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    • In 1970 Rosa Castillo (21), known Gonzalo Rodriguez (26) the day you go to work in an office, Gonzalo asks her to dance and between dances her first child was born: John Jairo Rodriguez.

      At birth the baby, the first thing to educate Rosa is not your child, if not to her husband, gives lessons from how to dress and behave, to how to lift up and change the baby.

      John Jairo is growing and his mother is teaching him to eat, to walk, dress and all the small basic tasks he need to live, until the terrible day when the baby becomes a toddler who goes to her first day school and must part with their mother for the first time.

      The second moment of traumatic learning will be marked by the birth of her sisters, John Jairo ceases to be the center of attention from home and become assistant upbringing of his mother.

      Then, the 10-year-old discovers the street and friends, universe in which his mother do not let it fall into bad ways, with a strong hand and wise reflections. In adolescence John Jairo discovers women, seeing this her mother takes care to make it clear that sex and love are two different things.

      Now at 17, at the death of his father the young man becomes the man of the house, and the right hand of his mother to raise her sisters and himself.

      After the crazy college years, John Jairo goes to work and has to take care of his mother as a result of bad business made to bring them up, this being the first of many in which John Jairo will be forced to show your mom how to handle things in life, until the day that John Jairo itself becomes father and mother will teach to to raise her child.
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