Thriller - Development 2014

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Thriller
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Dave THOMAS
    • Writer(s)
    • Spencer Jay KIM, Dave THOMAS
    • Producer(s)
    • Allen KELLOGG (Post Industrial Pictures), Spencer Jay KIM (Post Industrial Pictures), Sean LACKEY (Post Industrial Pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • Eagle River is a riveting drama written by Spencer Jay Kim and David P. Thomas that sprints along with the rapid evaporation of the American Dream.
      CURTIS YOST (Nick Mancuso) is a former interrogations and torture specialist for the U.S. Army. He carried out countless renditions, which lead to unspeakable brutalities in the name of national security.
      Meanwhile, a young couple, SAMANTHA (Krista Allen) and ANDY PARK, move into their dream house in the suburbs of Virginia. They are promptly greeted by their new neighbor, Curtis Yost. The Park’s immediately hit it off with their charming new friend. Only Andy’s friend, CALVIN, a U.S.M.C. JAG officer, thinks that something may be suspicious about the otherwise congenial, Yost.
      Yost becomes obsessed with the pair as he sees past the façade of their seemingly perfect life together: Andy makes good money as a rising star in the business world but does so with ethically and morally questionable methods; and the lovely Samantha appears to be a good wife, but scurries off in the afternoons to have sex with Andy’s best friend, Michael.
      The mentally unstable Yost starts to systematically manipulate the lives of the Park’s, as his obsession with them grows. Yost’s own life is complicated when he meets a beautiful bookstore owner named LISA. He strikes up a romance with her, feeling that he has met a true beacon of innocence and purity. But not even a little white lie on the part of Lisa can get passed the psychotic, yet brilliant Yost and it leads to her murder.
      DETECTIVES DEVERAUX and LYNCH start investigating the murder of Lisa but swiftly run into a dead end. Curtis Yost is quickly eliminated as a suspect because his alibi is confirmed by an old colleague, RICK CARUTHERS, who claims that they were at an AA meeting together at the time of the murder.
      Having thoroughly manipulated everyone and everything in sight, Yost decides to act on his obsession with Samantha and sexually assaults her. By the time Samantha tries to tell Andy of her ordeal, he has already become aware of her affair with his best friend (thanks to clues laid out by Yost) and Andy simply doesn’t believe her.
      Andy pays his friend Michael a visit and confronts him about the affair. Though hurt, Andy leaves Michael’s apartment but Yost sneaks in and murders Michael using Andy’s gun. Yost is even brilliantly able to tie the murder of Lisa to Andy. Deveraux and Lynch discover every little crumb of evidence that Yost has laid out for them and they arrest Andy for double homicide.
      All the while, Calvin has been attempting to gather information about Yost. A mysterious man (a former State Department official) visits Calvin and spills the beans on Yost’s past. He informs Calvin that the US government, full well knowing that Yost is unstable, continues to protect him because they wish to keep details of their questionable rendition program a secret. Rick Caruthers is an ex-CIA operative and the AA meeting that Yost supposedly attended, is a ready-made-alibi for ex-intelligence and military personnel.
      Calvin bails Andy out of jail and they go to confront Yost and get Samantha to safety, but Yost is waiting for them. He kills Calvin and knocks Andy out.
      When Andy gains consciousness, he finds that he and Samantha are tied up and confined in a small torture chamber that Yost has arranged. Yost starts to interrogate the couple using extremely intimate questions regarding their lives and their marriage. He probes about Samantha’s infidelity, Andy’s work, etc. Even though Yost is inflicting enormous amounts of pain on Andy, the young couple comes to an odd kind of absolution through the torture that Yost puts them through. Yost is, after all, a finder of truth, albeit a demented one.
      Meanwhile, Detective Lynch has stumbled upon inconsistencies in her case and goes to find Yost to question him again. She stumbles on the torture session but Yost is able to kill her. In the commotion, Samantha and Andy get free and a brutal struggle ensues between them and Yost. In the end, Samantha sacrifices herself to save the man she loves and kills Yost in the process.
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