Science-fiction - Development 2019

A strong but vulnerable girl, Stella, coming of age in an internment camp, who realizes she's a new kind of Human Upgrade. She must defy authority, bigotry and abuse to survive. As she escapes from bondage she finds love, grows into a woman—and discovers her own unique racial identity.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction, Drama, TV Series
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 25 - 50 M$
    • Duration
    • 55 mn
    • Producer(s)
    • Vince GERARDIS (Startling Inc.), Lisa LINDO (Rocket Surgeon Productions), Jeff GOMEZ (Starlight Runner Entertainment)
    • Synopsis
    • Based on the New York Times best selling books and Nebula Award winning novels Darwin's Children and Darwin's Radio. THIS IS THE STORY OF A MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST who discovers an ancient virus that triggers a horrible plague, leading to over three million miscarriages in America, including her own. Miraculously, 2 million of these women get pregnant again immediately. When our biologist gives birth to a baby girl, Stella, she becomes one of over two million new “virus children” with enhanced powers of facial expression, skin-tone changes, smell, scenting, speech doubling and pheromone control. The ancient virus that has been activated is named SHEVA--Scattered Human Endogenous Virus Activation.

      IT’S THE STORY OF AN ANTHROPOLOGIST, Stella's father, who carried the ancient virus. He learns from frozen cave mummies in the Alps that it’s all happened before, 15,000 years ago, and only the men carry the virus. When Neanderthals began having children who looked like modern humans and were forced to flee from their own tribe. His own family become fugitives, and he is caught and imprisoned.

      IT’S THE STORY OF A VIRUS-HUNTING DOCTOR who tracks down the origins of the plague, but almost dies from its side-effects. Later, he becomes a champion for the children that are its legacy, fighting for their freedom, integration, and trying to prove they are not infectious.

      IT’S THE STORY OF GIRLS AND BOYS who grow up as wanted fugitives, are captured, then locked away in former prisons now called “EMAC Schools,” where they are repressed, manipulated, abused and forced to undergo medical experimentation. But the new children, named “Shevites” by the press, join to defy their captors, using their remarkable abilities to communicate with each other and persuade the adults around them. Ironically, their internment leads to their first sense of shared community. Their goal is to escape and grow into their unique racial identity.

      IT’S THE STORY OF AMERICA brought to the brink of revolution by the virus plague, racism, terrorism, violence against pregnant women, states versus federal authority, withering of due process and civil rights, a dysfunctional Congress, an assassinated President, and a decaying infrastructure. A place where ruthless technocrats scramble for power in a nation headed over the edge into tyranny—and an incompetent tyranny at that.

      IT’S THE STORY OF EVOLUTION creating a brand-new race of human beings who may become necessary for our long-term survival, but who will eventually replace us as the dominant species on earth.
    • Partners & financing
    • Rocket Surgeon Productions
      Intrinsic Value Films (MARJORIE PRIME, BLUE CAPRICE, TESLA)
      Jeff Gomez - Starlight Runner Entertainment (AVATAR, MEN IN BLACK, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN)
      Vince Gerardis - Startling Inc. (GAME OF THRONES)