By Philippe ROUGET


Documentary - Development 2016

Crowds are both fascinating and fear-inducing. Understanding crowds means controlling them, and keeping them from getting out of hand. No wonder the modern science of crowds has its greatest fans among police, military forces, international corporations... and Hollywood's special effects studios.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • FRANCE
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • N/A
    • Duration
    • 60 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Philippe ROUGET
    • Producer(s)
    • Olivier MILLE (Artline Films)
    • Synopsis
    • From the modelisation of the countless pilgrims in Mecca, to the engineering of tomorrow’s giant stadiums, and to Hollywood’s state-of-the-art special effects studios, the study of crowds is a booming high-tech sector. How are scientists trying to discover the secrets of crowd behavior?

      Practically every day, we are part of a crowd. We walk down crowded streets, and commute on crowded trains and buses. We join excited crowds of fans, pilgrims, protestors and more.

      Crowds are both fascinating and fear-inducing. The explosive growth of cities has made crowds more powerful than ever, on every continent.

      Scientists the world over are trying to learn the secret of crowds. Understanding crowds means controlling them, and keeping them from getting out of hand.

      Governments, police departments and armies are all interested in this research. They want to elarn to keep crowds in check, and to identify the troublemakers and terrorists hidden within them.

      Crowds can turn into a huge source of profits for businesses that can figure out how to understand, channel and guide them.

      As they are doing for water, winds and clouds, scientists are turning images of crowds into complex equations. They study crowd dynamics, the better to predict them and to keep things flowing smoothly. The main thing is to avoid stampedes, when the crowd can turn on itself.

      Ever-more powerful computers are deciphering crowds’ language, just as they learned the grammar of matter and particles. They distinguish the elements that compose crowds. The detect crowds’ emotions and predict their behavior using computer-generated models. Powerful software is now used by Hollywood’s special effects studios.

      Crowd experts intend to apply their funding to whole populations, in order to prepare the world for future crises. Tsunamis, floods and pandemics, as well as riots, revolutions, war and more.

      The whole of humanity is now modeled by computer. Not as a sum of individuals, but as a multitude of interacting crowds.

      You might not know what you’re doing tomorrow, but an algorithm has probably already predicted where you’re headed next.