Horror - Development 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to pet your family cocker spaniel, comes ... CRockerSpaniel! When a scientist tries to save the life of the woman he loves, mad science unleashes a creature with a face you can't help but love and a bite you had better fear.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Horror
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.3 - 0.6 M$
    • Duration
    • 105 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Cynthia HSIUNG, Nicholle WALTON DURBAN
    • Writer(s)
    • Cynthia HSIUNG, Nicholle WALTON DURBAN
    • Producer(s)
    • Cynthia HSIUNG (Created By Talent, LLC), Nicholle WALTON DURBAN (Edgen Films)
    • Synopsis
      A Comedic Creature Feature Adventure
      By Cynthia Hsiung and Nicholle Walton Durban
      Professor Andrew Gator has been working to try and find a solution that will cure his wife, Scarlett’s, Alzheimer’s. When traditional research yields no results, he turns to gene splicing and manipulation, cross breading species to try and create a “Super Brain”. It seems each attempt ends without any success.
      Frustrated and on the edge of defeat, he is offered a second chance from his old college buddy Tom Verolli, a front running Texas politician and Scarlett’s former college love, to relocate to Austin, Texas where he will head up an advanced research department that specializes in treating his wife’s disease.
      Andrew’s son, Nicholas Gater has also relocated and works as a Williamson County Deputy, but is frustrated at his rookie position and lack of action on the job. His relationship with this father is strained, but Andrew remains close to help care for his ailing mother.
      Life is moving along seemingly normal when a strange and random attack at Barton Creek has police baffled. Nicholas and his partner Paden stumble upon the crime scene after being sent on a rookie crepe run for the senior deputies. Nicholas notices what appears to be a crocodile attack, but is laughed off the scene by Travis County Deputy’s who make it clear that crocodiles do not live in Austin. But before he leaves, he manages to take a picture of the scene and notices a weird tuff of dog hair. No one mentioned a dog was also missing…strange!!
      Nicholas goes to his dad, an experienced crocodile scientist, and expresses his concern. His father reiterates that Crocodiles don’t live in Austin, but their conversation is cut short when Prof. Gater receives a package from their Florida home town. His quick and strange exit does not go unnoticed by Nicholas, but he still has those crepes to deliver. So as Nick heads back, the Professor heads home to open his “package”, cute baby crocodile with a note that reads “This time it worked”. He releases the baby crocodile into the lake behind his house and returns to his “secret home lab” to continue his mission.
      Now we go back into time, when Prof. Gater lived in Florida and started his super secret back swamp experiments in an attempt to save his wife. WOW, this guy does come crazy, messed up stuff…lucky for us, none of it works….or so we think!!
      Traveling back to present time, we find ourselves in the Professors latest super secret lab examining the tuft of hair found at the crime scene by Nicholas. It seems strangely matched to the family Cocker Spaniel…Whhhhaaaattttt???? Suddenly a strange sound takes the Professor outside….he looks way up in the eyes on OMG!!!! That crocodile he got 2 days ago is HUGE. Apparently those growth hormones were highly effective.
      In the meantime, Tom Verolli is headed to Barton Creek for the annual Food Truck Festival where he will speak on his campaign slogan that Austin is a safe and great place to raise a family. His beautiful daughter, Erica, and her sorority cheerleader gal pals will bring it on with cheer and support helping drive her father’s campaign home. When asked about the attack that occurred in that very place, he dismisses it as a random occurrence and assures us he has taken the necessary steps to find and rid the park of the pest.
      Enter Billy the Exterminator, setting traps and making sure the festival goers will be safe. At Barton Creek we see all types of vendors, and food carts, and wonderfully weird Austin characters. Deputy Nicholas is back with his partner on crowd control duty, more rookie crap work.
      Billy the Exterminator is doing his thing when suddenly, unnoticed by anyone he gets eaten!!
      ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE, just a Tom Verolli is on the news stating how safe his wonderful town is What is this thing….we can’t seem to get a good look…WAIT!! Is that a crocodile??? That sounds like a DOG? Those eyes in the bushes, what can they be? People just seem to be screaming and disappearing as this stealthy, sneaky beast enjoys a festival feast of his own.
      But alas, Nick springs in to action saving Erica and the children as the creature disappears into the water.
      As the news crews and ambulances descend, Nick and Erica are searching for clues as to what it is we are trying to fight. Nick is presently surprised to learn Erica is not just another hot cheerleader in a skirt, this chic is smart to boot. A fledgling scientist in her own right. Tom Verolli is insisting the show must go on, even though this creature is still out there.
      Once again Nick discovers evidence of a crocodile attack, confirmed by his hot, smart new gal pal Erica, and he knows just who to talk to about this. He and Erica head out to his house and discover his mom Scarlett in the garden covered in pigeons lost in a state of dementia. After they return her safely to the house, the confront Prof. Gater in his secret lab. As father and son argue, Erica notices the “non-traditional” scientific studies going on in here, and can’t help but be intrigued. Just as things are getting interesting a GIANT CROCODILE bust into the house. The trio tries to fight it off, but not before it enjoys a little snack, Scarlett taste good!
      Out of no where enter the SWAMP PEOPLE, and thank god….we need some pro’s in here who know how to catch and kill this damn crocodile. With Nicholas help they chase the giant monster thru the streets back to the lake and “CHOOT’EM” dead!!
      With the threat successfully killed the Festival can go on. In full swing, we find all our players in attendance. The Professor is mourning the loss of the love of his and Tom Verolli’s life. Swamp People are BBQing the giant crocodile…..yummmmm, taste like chicken!
      Just as it seems all is going great, the real beast shows itself…. CROCKER SPANIEL!!!
      ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE!! Is it a dog?? Is it a Crocodile?? Whatever it is, its big, its hungry, and it ain’t going down without a fight…..and Swamp People taste good…yummmm, kinda like chicken!!
      But wait, Nicholas knows what to do, and with the help of a really big and weird Dog Treat Truck and some super special doggie cologne and treats he is gonna lure this beast away from the crowd and save the day. Of course loading that truck with all the food truck butane tanks is gonna help accomplish this goal, as well!
      Crocker Spaniel takes the bait. Nicholas and the remaining Swamp People aim their guns and BOOM!!! Crocker Spaniel is dead and Austin really is a safe place to raise a family again!
      We leave our hero, Nicholas and his new love Erica sorting thru his deceased mothers belongings and closing the secret lab his dad no longer needs. Looking thru a box of his mother’s things Erica makes an interesting discover, turns out MOM might have been the brains behind the whole operation, at least until hers stopped working. She may no longer be with us, but according to these notes between the pigeons, the family dog, and an overly large egg in the corner, this story may not be over just yet!
      THE END!
    • Partners & financing
    • Edgen Films
      Created By Talent, LLC
    • Production schedule
    • Fall 2012
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Oct 01, 2012
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