Animation - Completed 2014

It is a story about generosity. The adventures of Coyote: the Wolfman; Iktome: the Spiderman; and Iya; the Rock take us to the spectacular and magical world of Native American folklore.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Animation
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 9 mn
    • Synopsis
    • On a cold day late in the fall Coyote was hunting in the hills with his friend: Iktomi, the Spiderman. They were in search of wild tracks. As they followed animal tracks they chanced upon Iya, the rock, looming over them. Iya wasn’t like any average rock, he was special. Everybody knew that Iya had magical powers. Iktomi and Coyote stood in awe of his mystical presence. Coyote decided to give his blanket to the Rock by covering him with the blanket. It was a sudden idea to save him from the cold weather. Iktomi paid so many compliments for his friend’s action, and Coyote prided himself on it as well.
      Later in the evening the wind started to blow and it was snow raining. The two pals went into a cave to save themselves from the cold weather. Iktomi had a warm buffalo hide, but Coyote was shivering. After a while Coyote told Iktomi to go and ask for his blanket back from Iya. Te Rock cannot feel cold! Iktomi went back, however, the Rock got to like the blanket and said that what had been given had been given.
      Coyote was extremely outraged. How ungrateful the Rock was,! Iya did not even pay for his favourite blanket and he almost frozen to death! In spite of Iktomi’s warning that Iya had enormous magical power and he had better leave it alone, Coyote set off to talk with the Rock.
      Coyote demanded the blanket back, but the Rock persisted. Coyote berated him and pulled the blanket off. “The debate is over!” - said Coyote. Iya was on another opinion, and it was far from over.
      The Sun shone the other morning, so the two friends sit to the front of the cave to warm up in the sunshine. While they were smoking a pipe, Iktomi heard some strange noise: it was Iya coming with intemperate power. Coyote and Iktomi started to run, but the Rock was in their track. They were running, as they could run, straight to a river. They thought that the rock must have sunk in the river. However, the Rock was just rolling and rolling over everything to reach them.
      After a while Iktomi got to be tired and said goodbye to his friend, saying that his involvement was merely an accident. Iktomi curled up, turned into a spider and went into a hole. Coyote reached the infinite prairie where he could hide no longer. Iya caught up Coyote and squashed him. He took back the blanket. “Now, this is the end of the story.” – Iya said and rolled back to his place.
      When Iya killed Coyote, he did some magic allowing him to come back to life just once.
      My friends! You should be always be generous from your true heart, and if you have something to give, give it forever.