Action/Adventure - Pre-Production 2021

A young man, mourning the loss of his father, finds himself on the wrong stretch of road on the wrong day. Soon, he is thrust into a dangerous chase when he rescues a runaway hitchhiker from a ruthless vengeful driver in an armored truck.

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Synopsis
    • The open road. An Armored Truck veers past an elderly couple, sparing them with a cold glare. Soon after, the Driver closes in on a younger couple. Plowing into them, he kills the male driver, and drags the female back to his Armored Truck, his mission accomplished. For now. The girl screams as he slams the doors shut.
      We then meet Luke Mann, a jaded all-American young man, driving a classic Monte Carlo down a stretch of road en route to the will-reading of his beloved late father. After accidentally losing his phone, Luke encounters the Armored Truck and the tension quickly ratchets up. He hops onto a scenic route. Soon, the truck follows, terrorizes him. Luke manages to gain ground.
      Miles later, shaken, Luke fills up at a truck stop. To his surprise, the Armored Truck is there. Now on high alert, he looks around for the Driver, but to no avail. There, he meets Kasey, a runaway desperate for a ride. Wanting to drive alone, he refuses her request. But, Luke is shocked to see Kasey being forced into the back of the Armored Truck. Luke pursues them until he causes the Truck to crash. He rescues Kasey and gets a glimpse of the driver - a sharp older man, cold and calculating. The two flee in Luke’s car. Down the road, the Sheriff stops them, and the Sheriff tells them that this is the day that a vengeful ex-surgeon seeks retribution for his wife who was unjustly murdered in a savage accident. Soon, though, the Armored Truck crashes into the police car, killing the Sheriff. They speed off, are chased, and end up losing the Driver.
      As night falls, they stop at an old rest area. The Driver arrives. After a cat and mouse, Luke and Kasey believe they’ve subdued the Driver. But they are wrong. And now, his cold control spirals into unfiltered rage. They escape in the Monte Carlo, giving them a fresh head-start under the cloak of darkness.
      But soon, he catches up. In pursuit, Luke sails off the road and into a rustic apple orchard. The chase continues up a hill as the Driver loses his grip on reality. At the top, they face each other for a final showdown. Luke uses his car to hit the Driver over the cliff. They think it’s over. But a noise echoes from the distant road. Luke tells Kasey that everything is going to be okay, but they need to run as the sound of engines grow louder and louder. However, it’s only the orchard’s owner. And they are safe. Wounded and bound together by this unforgettable night, Luke carries Kasey like the hero his dad always knew he’d become.