Crime - Development 2018

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Crime, Fantasy
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Synopsis
    • The middle-aged man, Frank moves into a studio apartment and gives up his career as an architect in order to start a new one as a comic
      artist. He choses to take his reoccuring nightmares as the subject of his new comic. His nightmares revolve around a girl who is running
      away. Her name is Melinda, a teenage girl coming from a wealthy family. When her father dies in a mysterious robbery, the girl gets into
      a children’s home. As she witnessed her father’s death, the criminals are trying to nd her. Melinda runs away from the children’s home
      and gets into a hidden part of the city in the suburbs, the magical Cardboard City. Cardboard City was pulled up by its dwellers: orphaned
      kids, cast away from the society, living in their own system. The once rich girl, Melinda must learn the rules of surviving, and ght for her
      acceptance by the residents of Carboard City.
      Nevertheless, she can’t hide too long from the criminals who are determined to nd her. When it eventually happens, it is the kids in
      Cardboard City that save the girl’s life. Now she has nally become one of them. This leads to an obvious war between children and adults.
      In the meantime, Melinda realizies that there is more behind her father’s death than a simple robbery.
      Frank’s comic becomes a best-seller. He can’t enjoy the success though as his nightmares where he usually gets his inspirations from have
      become severely terrifying. They have shifted into his everyday life, and the line between dreaming and reality has started to vanish. He
      must admit: he and Melinda are far too closer than he would have ever imagined.
      Frank’s, the comic artist’s world is only the product of the grieving orphaned girl. Melinda has stored the undigested tragedy of her late
      father in the depth of her mind. They need each other, to reveal the background of the murder of her father, defeat the criminals and
      save Cardboard City.