By Maria Emilce MARTIN, Lucia RIERA


Documentary - Development 2017

In a visual-musical journey through Latin America, we see fragments of life’s stories of different women and transsexual, that wage war their own territories, and transform the violence of everyday with a powerful tool: hip hop.

& Awards

National Fund of the Arts (Argentina) 2015
Raymundo Gleyzer Grant (INCAA) 2016
Preselection for Nuevo Cuyo
    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Documentary, First film, LGBT
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 70 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Maria Emilce MARTIN, Lucia RIERA
    • Producer(s)
    • Julieta CEJAS (INDIA CINE), Lucia RIERA (Colectiva Deseante)
    • Synopsis
    • The film is a journey through Latin America's women hip hop. Local stories, musical fusions and soundscapes are the network from where the plot weaves stories.
      In Colombia we meet “Street school” with self-taught artists linked to the public through street art, where buses and squares are their scenarios. In Argentina, rap is proposed as a tool for social transformation in a festival held on the ghettos of Buenos Aires. We cross the mountains to reach Chile, where the meeting will be with a clan of female rappers connected with spirituality and nature: the alchemists.
      The conflict that runs through the film is the structural violence of a segregating system that generates centers and peripheries. Its mechanisms are gradually showed from the "cockfight" -a violent and strongly sexist competition associated with mainstream hip hop- to the violence generated by the mass media. As the film progresses, contradictions penetrates the characters, different aspects of oppression and forms of resistance are outlined, and comes the urge to talk about feminisms.
      New questions come from these stories: is there a female identity in rap? Woman singularity is diluted while other characters, who move between identities, appears. We fall into the collapse of categories, and this includes us as filmmakers.
      The eroticity of dissident bodies, the aesthetics of different cities, personal priorities: everything is accentuated, tensing, and accelerating.
      As part of a project in which we are all involved, we invite artists to participate in a space of policy development: the Women National Meeting in Argentina. It is there where we come together as one powerful scene.
      The end is a starting point because the film goal is to raise questions that do not leave anyone indifferent.
    • Partners & financing
    • The project is coproduced by I N D I A Cine and Colectiva Deseante.
      It wins National Fund of The Arts Grant (Argentina) and in the following months we will apply for a production grant by the INCAA (National Institute of Cinema an Audiovisual Arts from Argentina). This would imply that, along with some self funding, we would obtain 70% of the total investment needed for the project.
      Total film budget: USD 226.318 / € 188.577 / $ARG 3.403.822
    • Production schedule
    • Cabronas's Flow Timeline:
      -November and December 2016: we will apply to international and national funds, grants and workshop, including the presentation at INCAA.
      -First half-year 2017: we will participate to workshops and coproduction’s meetings hopping to attach to project more investments to reach our financial amount.
      -Second half-year 2017: we will start preproduction and proceed to planning a shooting effective taking consideration the diversity of countries and music events. We will hope to start shooting at the end of the year.
      -First half-year 2018: we will commence the on line edition to a first cut. We could considerate to apply to workshop and meetings of films in work in progress stage to evaluate the impact of the images, and make our film grows up.
      -Second half-year 2018: we will beginnig the sound editing process, and composition of soundtrack of the film. This stage includes in their finals months the corrections of color, and finish of the film.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Nov 06, 2017
    • End of shooting
    • Dec 22, 2017