First film - Completed 2011

A kickboxer, a businessman, and an assassin. Estranged brothers fight for their lives in a dark web of deceit, regret and murder.

    • Year of production
    • 2011
    • Genres
    • First film
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    • Synopsis
    • BUNOHAN is the tragic story of love lost between three estranged brothers and their ailing father. Each man’s unfulfilled struggle for reconciliation and forgiveness leads to the violence of loss, betrayal, corruption and murder.
      The story opens in a one-horse town in southern Thailand, just across the border from Malaysia. ‘Bunga Lalang’ or Adil (ZAHIRIL ADZIM) is in a Tomoi ring fighting for his life in an honour fight to the death. Adil is extricated from the fight by his childhood friend, instantly turning them into fugitives. An assassin, Ilham (FAIZAL HUSSEIN), is set loose on the runaway fighter’s trail as the young men flee home to the village of Bunohan (Murder). Bunohan is also Ilham’s hometown to which he has never returned since he left. Meanwhile, Bakar (PEKIN IBRAHIM), Adil’s elder brother, returns from the city, ostensibly to look after their ailing father. But behind this mask of a dutiful son is an ambitious businessman and vicious player, screening the depths of corruption, greed and lust for power that will unravel the lives of all.
      The three men arrive home where fate awaits them. As the shadows of their darker selves rise, memories of longing, retribution and loss flood back. In BUNOHAN, home is where the heart breaks.