Horror - Completed 2009

A unique, sexy and terrifying anthology movie brought to you by three of the most fiercely original independent
directors working in horror today. James Eaves ('The Witches Hammer', 'Bane'), Pat Higgins ('KillerKiller', 'Hellbride', TrashHouse') and Alan Ronald ('Jesus vs the Messiah')

    • Year of production
    • 2009
    • Genres
    • Horror
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • James EAVES, Pat HIGGINS
    • Writer(s)
    • James EAVES, Pat HIGGINS, Alan RONALD
    • Producer(s)
    • Laura EAVES (Amber Pictures), Debbie ATTWELL (Jinx Media), James EAVES (Amber Pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • THE RIPPER - By James Eaves
      A spate of ghoulish murders introduces us to Graham, a strange man with a dark and twisted secret, he kills
      prostitutes. After butchering his latest victim and burying her corpse in the forest, Graham happens upon Madame Ravens
      Bordello looking for a ìdateî to satisfy his horrific compulsion. Instantly recognising Grahamís lust for
      violence Madame Raven selects a specialist in this area - the meek and timid Lily. When Graham takes Lily home,
      planning to add another notch to his bloody axe handle) he discovers Lily isnít quite what she seems.
      Written and Directed by Jim Eaves (The Witches Hammer, Bane) ëThe Ripperí is a brutal and bloody story that
      delivers the gore by the bucket load.
      VICE DAY By Pat Higgins
      Daniel Cain knows all about frustration. His political desires mean that his public image must be squeaky clean,
      and his more primal urges must be pushed deep, deep inside. To prevent the pressure from getting too much, he allows
      himself a "vice day" every year, when he lets his wicked side come out to play. Booze, drugs, gambling,
      womenÖbut that's just the mild stuff. There's something darker yet lurking in Daniel Cain, and a beautiful
      girl on the other end of a webcam link is about to discover just how dangerous his subconscious can get.
      Written and Directed by Pat Higgins (KillerKiller, The Devil's Music), Vice Day is sinister, sinful and
      gloriously screwed up.
      STITCHGIRL By Alan Ronald
      When the mysterious Doctor Whale pays a visit to Madam Ravenís Bordello, the goings on deep down in the cellars
      of the brothel begin to come to light. The promise of money can be very persuasive and Doctor Whale is intent on getting
      what he wants for the evening, a girl that matches his exact specifications; literally tailor-made. But the good doctor
      gets more than he bargains for when he meets Stitchgirl. The last thing you expect to find in a brothel is
      love...particularly with a girl who literally comes to pieces.
      Written and Directed by Alan Ronald (Jesus versus The Messiah, Jack Says) ëStitchgirlí is a homage to classic universal horrors such as ëThe Bride Of Frankensteiní. A horrifyingly hilarious, eye-staggering tale of terror.