First film - Completed 2015

Jose keeps a secret which allows him to carry on with his shameful existence without raising suspicions. A curse will change everything.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • First film, Road movie, Horror
    • Countries
    • SPAIN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • David CHAMIZO
    • Writer(s)
    • David CHAMIZO
    • Producer(s)
    • Antonio MOYANO (Bobina Verde)
    • Synopsis
    • Jose (Chema Álvarez) is a humble man with a sad and conformist life. He works as a butcher at the village market, a microcosm inhabited by his workmates Alicia (María Espejo), a young, kind and smiling fruit seller; Manuel (Manu Sánchez), a chatty and friendly deli clerk; Lucas (Elías Pelayo), a sarcastic and bad tempered fishmonger and Pablo Emilio (Ignacio Andreu), his best friend, a naïve and innocent full grown man who works as the stock boy. All of them suffer abuse from their despotic boss Don Jose Luis (Sebastián Haro) who owns the stalls. He hobnobs with the snobbish village elite and likes to feel superior mistreating his employees, especially Alicia.

      When Jose gets home his life doesn’t get better. His wife Cristina (Irene Lázaro) despises and denigrates him. Natalia, his daughter (Ángeles Lora), completely disregards him. When the day is over Jose lies in the marital bed besides his wife with resignation. But when he closes his eyes and grins ear to ear he travels to his dreamlike refuge: a paradisiacal beach, an armchair on the sand and alluring muses tempting him. This imaginary sanctuary is the way in which Jose gains strength for dealing with reality and carrying on with his shameful existence.

      One day Jose and his family travel from his village to the capital city Seville. They go sightseeing: the Gold Tower, the Spanish Square, the old Jewish quarter Santa Cruz… But when they are getting to the Cathedral he sees a group of gypsy fortunetellers selling lucky charms. He tries to dodge them but instead he accidentally pushes another one (Susi González) and she falls down. Jose trembles with horror as the old woman slowly rises looking at him with deep hate in her eyes and points at him with her bony finger while she casts a hex on him: You will be cursed! You and all your bloodline!

      By the nightfall Jose is dying to hide in his dreamlike paradise but everything is changed… The fortuneteller dominates the place in her own evil way.

      From this point Jose is unable to rest again. Every time he closes his eyes he is tortured by her presence and the fatigue starts to take its toll until the physical and mental exhaustion forces him to run away searching for an answer. He steals a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and with Alicia and Pablo Emilo as companions they start an adventure across the roads full with hope and enthusiasm. However their optimism doesn't last for very long as the journey becomes dark and tragic shortly after the beginning.

      Staking his life at seedy joints in the slums where nothing is as it seems Jose finally gathers everything necessary for getting to “The Wizard” (Antonio Canales) from whom he expects the solutions to all his problems. The wizard shows him the origin of the spell: A murder committed by his father a long time ago. Jose runs away deeply affected. All his friends are dead and his life is torn apart. He has nothing to lose and only a feeling left… Revenge!

      But Jose is unaware of one detail: The curse affects him and all his… bloodline