Horror - Completed 2013

Strange attacks plague the township’s women, leaving the town leaders at a loss to defend them. At the same time Mthnuzi, a shrewd businessman, is becoming wealthier and more popular with the ladies – something is amiss. The local reverend, Simon Nkosi, learns that Mthunzi is controlling a Tokoloshe

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Horror
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 75 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Jordan HARLAND
    • Writer(s)
    • Jordan HARLAND
    • Producer(s)
    • Pascal SCHMITZ (Amariam Pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • A mysterious man resurrects the Tokoloshe by mutilating a corpse. It prowls through the streets of Orange Farm residential areas hunting its first victim. It finds a dance studio and attacks a girl who is rehearsing alone, leaving her traumatised.
      Mthunzi is a well-off businessman who sleeps with many women. We learn that he made the Tokoloshe as he speaks into a calabash to summon it, to fulfil Mthunzi’s greed. He enters a trance and we see Sangoma Bheka give him the Tokolshe and tell him how to make a Tokoloshe, explaining that each night the Tokoloshe will deposit blood proportional to his demands for money and women. The calabash must not fill or it will kill.
      The Tokoloshe attacks 2 more girls and the calabash nearly fills. The township reverend is called in to help the injured. He soon sees a pattern in the attacks and sends out a search party to find the animal responsible. Despite being urged by the people he does not believe in the mythical Tokoloshe.Mthunzi must wait until the full moon to make more wishes to the Tokoloshe but he meets the girl of his dreams, Boithumelo, who despises him and is seeing another man. Mthunzi must have her. He drinks the blood from the calabash to make room for another wish and wishes for her.
      The Calabash fills with blood. The Tokoloshe is no longer controlled and kills a girl that Mthunzi used to be with. Mthunzi initially distraught is given a Boithumelo by the Tokoloshe and soon forgets his woes, falling in love with her.
      Mthunzi leaves the matter and the reverend grows increasingly concerned but insists to the town’s people that the girl killer and the attacker of the three before are not the same thing. He’s defiant and loses his temper to Bheka in front of the town’s people, when Bheka tries to assist him in warning everyone against this hostile supernatural creature.
      One evening the priest looks after the injured women and is attacked when he gets in the way of the Tokoloshe’s next victim. He sees nothing but a girl is ripped apart in front of his eyes by an invisible force. He later remembers seeing flashing glimpses of the beast as it struck him in the face.
      The beast is after Mthunzi’s women as revenge for his greed, it has killed all except Boithumelo, whom he loves. He tries to persuade her but Bheka has got to her first, informing her that she doesn’t really love Mthunzi and that it is a spell. He also tells Boithumelo to find Mthunzi and send him to Bheka, implying that the only way to kill the beast is to kill Mthunzi, because he created it in the first place.
      Mthunzi and Boithumelo have an emotional exchange but he cannot persuade her and flees without her, in an effort to save his own life.
      Mthunzi arms himself with a knife and gets supplies, as night falls, he is taunted by the Tokoloshe, trying to escape the town. It tells him it is going to kill Boithumelo now. Mthunzi’s car is disabled by the Tokoloshe and Mthunzi runs to go back for her, racing the Tokoloshe to find her.
      Mthunzi asks around and no one knows where she is. He goes to Bheka’s house, remembering that she had spoken to him, he pushes Bheka to tell him where she is. He tells Mthunzi that he cannot tell him because the beast will find her. The beast may find her anyway, according to Mthunzi. Bheka tries to stab Mthunzi as he turns his back and Mthunzi blocks him and uses his own knife to stab him back. He shakes his head, Bheka says she’s in the chapel, and runs off to find Boithumelo.
      Mthunzi runs to the chapel when the beast has already arrived. The Reverend fights the beast off and Mthunzi joins in, trying to kill it. It wants nothing of Mthunzi and throws him off. Bheka, injured, comes out from the shadows and stabs Mthunzi as he’s trying to get up. The beast cries out and disappears into nothingness. Mthunzi dies and Boithumelo mourns.
      The town holds a religious hill-top funeral in honour of the fallen. They pray for Mthunzi and his wrongs and go about their lives. Boithumelo gets on with her life.
      In the shadows though, the Tokoloshe lurks. He turns around and goes away from the town. Perhaps to another one.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • May 01, 2012
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