Thriller - Development 2014

Undercover cop, Virginia Finch's partner is killed by players of an online generated flashmob game designed to disrupt Munich's power grid and plunge the city into a blackout. She goes rogue to find out who is behind it and discovers it's all a cover for pulling off the perfect crime.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • Virginia Finch is a German cop and one of the best undercover ops going. Going flat out. Going all the way. Going in so deep she sometimes has a hard time clawing her way back out of the hole. It’s like that when she and her partner try and take down a Turkish drug gang running blow into Munich.
      The bust seems to be going smoothly, until it’s inadvertently interrupted by a couple of A-list players of a strange online game called Blackout. Virginia’s partner gets killed by one of the game players in the resulting madness. Not only that, the half-million in buy-money goes missing.
      The Munich Police brass throw the book at Virginia, disbelieving her story about the involvement of the gamers and holding her responsible for the death of her partner and the disappearance of the money. Virginia’s only recourse is to infiltrate the Blackout game, going undercover to get vengeance for her partner’s murder.
      Part flash mob, part scavenger hunt, Blackout is all about chaos and trying to cut the power grid to the city of Munich. Why? Only person who knows is the puzzlemaster, a mysterious entity with the tag of Fatcat. Inside Blackout, Virginia encounters Rylan Dark, an ex-patriot Canadian and a world champion poker player. He is one of several world-glass game players brought into Blackout on Fatcat’s invitation. He’s also a world-class liar and he’s hiding something big. But he was there on the night of the bust, and realizes that if he doesn’t help Virginia he’ll be on the hook for accessory to murder. So they form an uneasy alliance and plunge back into the game.
      Virginia discovers that the regular Blackout game of turning out the lights in Munich dovetails in to a deeper, more sinister plan with elite players. In fact it’s no game at all, not to Fatcat. Blackout is his way of co-opting some of the brightest people in the country into heisting a shipment of diamonds – and they don’t know what’s going on until they’re in the middle of the robbery.
      In the end, Virginia finds her vengeance, however her career and her life are left in a shambles. But that’s okay with Virginia. She’ll just go undercover again, only this time it’s for keeps. And besides, she kind of had a thing for Rylan Dark. And he got away with the diamonds.
      And just maybe that’s the start of something else again.