Children's - Development 2017

Big Coach, Small Steps motto: “Let kids be kids because there is more to life than winning!

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Children's, Family
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 92 mn
    • Synopsis
    • Big Coach, Small Steps is about an arrogant, self-observed “Doc Martin” type “know-it-all” men’s basketball coach who has to turn a group of un-athletic “girl geeks” into basketball champions, so he can finally get his chance at coaching his dream job in the NBA. Marcus Langston is an assistant coach and defensive specialist for Boston College’s Men Basketball team, which shocks the world of college sports and wins the prestigious NCAA Men’s National Basketball Championship. A few BC senior players get drafted to the NBA. And BC’s Head Coach Brian Daugherty takes a job as the new coach of the Boston Celtics. Brian brings all of his assistant coaches to the Celtics except Marcus. The main reason why Brian did not want to bring Marcus was because Marcus loudly told the media and anyone within earshot that his complex defensive plays were one of the main reasons why Boston had a breakout winning season and won the NCAA Championship. Marcus expected to be hired by Brian or at least become the new Head Coach of Boston College. Marcus was even once the interim Head Coach of Boston College for two games last season, but he did not let the son of a great NBA star be a starter because he shot too much and bad playing defense. So Brian, an old friend of the NBA star, was hired as Boston College’s new coach and Marcus was told to either quit or accept being demoted to an assistant coach.

      Although a few teams in the NBA are interested in hiring Marcus, those offers dry up after Marcus’s drunken tirade at a Buffalo Wild Wings about how most NBA stars are soft, weak-minded and lazy defensive players is widely posted on social media. Soon Marcus is blackballed in the NBA and all collegiate men’s and women’s teams as well. The Athletic Director of Boston College feels bad for Marcus and says the only chance of him getting a coaching job again is the Boston Gifted Girls Program or BGGP. Boston’s Gifted Girls Program was created to give new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunities to girls from impoverished and inner city neighborhoods. So the girls are greatly upset when they find out that if they refuse to play on the basketball team they will be dropped from the BGGP. And Marcus cannot believe or accept that he has hit rock bottom and has to try to convince several geeky, diverse and smart junior high girls to play basketball when they would rather learn coding, build websites and mobile apps, do complex math programs, argue about Star Wars and Star Trek, play fantasy board games and dress up as Anime and Comic Book Cosplay characters. To make matters worse when Marcus first meets the girls and sees that they have limited or bare minimum athletic ability he is heard on the phone loudly saying “Nerds are for the birds!” and “He’d rather jump off a skyscraper than coach these goofy BGGP girls!”
      The BGGP girls now all hate Marcus as much as he does not respect them as players. The only bright spot for Marcus is his attractive, upbeat and outspoken assistant coach Amanda who is an ex-WNBA player and an admitted “girl geek”.

      At first, Marcus yells and berates the girls like he was still coaching men which makes the girls complain to Amanda that he is treating them like pro players and not as kids. Marcus gets only more frustrated when the girls start intentionally playing bad at practice to see how angry he will get and how loudly he will start yelling. Amanda makes Marcus lighten his rough and tough persona to get the girls to learn the basics of basketball skills and master his winning basketball philosophy that defense wins games. After two months of training Marcus arranges a test game with a local junior high school and his BGGP team loses the game terribly by a wide margin. Marcus confides to Amanda that if he was not so deeply in debt and desperately needed his BGGP coaching salary, then he would have easily quit coaching the BGGP team and gone into semi-retirement.

      To try and motivate his BGGP team Marcus and Amanda takes them to a NBA game with the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. The Celtics are losing badly and Marcus cannot help, but secretly passes some defensive plays to his old coaching staff from Boston College. What Marcus does not know is that he is sitting next Thomas the collegiate son of the owner of the Boston Celtics. Thomas realizes that Marcus’s tips start helping the Celtics turn around the game and the girls realize that the same defensive plays he teaches them at practice are now being used by a NBA team. The girls also figure out that Marcus’s defense is a combo of chess and checkers moves, so they have a new respect for Marcus. And the girls even got swept up and are inspired from the Celtics coming back from a twenty point deficit. Coach Brian makes fun of Marcus for once coaching in the NCAA’s to now a little girl’s team of losers. Marcus angrily sticks up for his BGGP team and says there is more to life than winning. But deep down Marcus really wishes he was an NBA coach as he sees his old friends on the Celtics bench.

      The BGGP team is so excited after the Celtics game that they practice harder and become a better team. The season begins and Marcus and his team lose their first game by two points. The BGGP girls get sad and cry about losing. Marcus becomes more sensitive to the team as he slowly realizes that being a good coach is not only about his expectations. Marcus starts gets closer to the team and they start getting better and win the second game. The season goes on and the BGGP team plays well and wins most of their games. They have an outside chance of even make a wild card bid for the city championships. Meanwhile Coach Brian is not doing well coaching the Celtics, so Thomas convinces his father to surprisingly offer Marcus the position of the team’s lead defensive assistant coach. Brian objects but he is forced to admit that he desperately needs Marcus’s help to make the NBA playoffs.

      Marcus easily and happily accepts the Celtics offer and tries to convince his BGGP team that Amanda has learned enough from him to be their new head coach. But the BGGP team is greatly upset. They disagree and insists that Marcus must now care more about wanting to being a winner in the NBA than with them. Marcus is so happy and focused to be with the Celtics that he does not return his BGGP team’s phone calls or texts. Marcus starts to enjoy the many NBA perks of traveling around the country, meeting celebrities, hanging out with pro players, eating in fancy restaurants, buying new clothes, taking selfies with fans and mascots and doing media interviews. The Celtics go on a ten game winning streak and on the verge of making the playoffs. Soon almost everyone in Boston thinks Marcus is the reason why they have a serious chance to win a NBA Championship. This should be the best of times for Marcus, but all it takes is Amanda sending him a few iPhone video clips of the BGGP team struggling and losing their last five games to make him question his life’s goals. It all comes down to whether Marcus will go to BGGP’s last game and their last chance to get a wild card city tournament spot or whether he will go to the Celtic’s last game at the Brooklyn Nets that will determine if they get the final eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Marcus cannot believe that he is seriously considering giving up his dream NBA career job and a once in a lifetime chance to win a NBA Championship to go back and finish coaching a BGGP team of poor, nerdy, socially awkward, courageous and brilliant girls to a citywide championship. Marcus is a Big Coach who has to take small steps that will truly define and decide if he will let kids be kids because there really is more to life than winning.