By Hanna Azoulay HASFARI


Drama - Development 2021

1955. An Israeli emissary arrives at a small Moroccan village intending to bring its Jewish community to Israel. Soon enough conflicts about implementation of the selection rules Israel has set for the North African Jewry and a fight to win the Rabbi's daughter's heart will endanger his mission.

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Hanna Azoulay HASFARI
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • The year is 1955 in French-ruled Morocco. A small Jewish community resides in a small village in the Atlas Mountains, living harmoniously with their Berber neighbors.

      However, many of the villagers are leaving for modernized Marrakesh. The dwindling Jewish population worries Rabbi Elkayam, the community's blind leader. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a communal Jewish life and find adequate matches for his daughters. His most beloved first born, Ester, does not have anybody her age to marry and is about to be given to Nisim, a much older wealthy merchant whom the Rabbi loathes.

      One day a European-looking young person arrives in the village, presenting himself as Arye, a Jewish emissary from the newly formed State of Israel, sent to bring the people back to Zion. A although Arye does not look, talk or dressed like a Jew, Rabbi Elkayam is thrilled and eager to leave everything behind. He is even excited about the option of Ester and Arye getting married.

      What he doesn't know is that Arye's mandate is not to bring the entire community to Israel. Being newly formed, short of finances and short of working hands, The Israeli government has sent Arye to bring to Israel only the young and able. When he will find out it might be too late. Would he leave his community behind or would he order them all to stay in Morocco and not surrender to this selection process.

      This conflict, at the heart of this moving, colorful, and exciting drama, tells the true story behind the immigration of about 30,000 the Atlas Mountains Jews, who lived among the Berbers since the seventh century.