True Story - Post-Production 2016

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • True Story, Documentary
    • Countries
    • TURKEY
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 85 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Goksel GULENSOY
    • Synopsis
    • ‘Beneath the Hagia Sophia’ is a feature documentary movie which is created by diving into the cisterns and corridors of Hagia Sophia to be able to clear which legends are real and which are figments of imagination.

      By the work spreading out 14 years, the subjects about the above part were examined also beside the underground legends, and very important conclusions which were not mentioned in any of the scientific and historical documents till now were reached.

      While the events occurred in a car race was creating a touchstone in that time of history, it was also the reason for one of the most important structures of the world which is loaded by thousands of legends and secrets to be built.

      In that period, Istanbul was a famous city both with the beneath and the upper part of it. Having many rebellions, hidden passages and tunnels had staminal importance for the empire. In many resources, it is mentioned that the underground of Istanbul is built with lacy corridors. The most important existing legends about the tunnels of Hagia Sophia are Justinian Road which reaches to great palace and hippodrome and the tunnels extending to the Prince islands.

      The cistern as big as a galleon to be sailed in it and for the enemies not to receive the jewels thrown into the wells by noblesse who are met in Hagia Sophia to die during the siege are the living legends beneath the Hagia Sophia. ‘Saint grave’ and ‘Crypto-room’ (where the secret religious and geopolitics correspondence were done in it for centuries) are the places which are described as a trial in many of the resources and not any trace are encountered about them. All the answers about the subjects of documentary are found and existing evidences and findings are recorded and transferred to the audience.

      With performed diving and corridor explorations (1998 – 2009 -2012), some of the existing legends are discarded, some are confirmed and with the new information received the doors are opened for the new legends and researches.

      For example, while the exploration diving in 2009, underground tomb ‘Hipoje’ where child saint Antinegenos (who exist in many sources as buried under Hagia Sophia but nothing is known about his grave) and the Patriach of Hagia Sophia (who is rumored as buried after 200 years after him) was found. But the evidences come with 2012 exploration diving are much more ahead of the rumours.

      The most mysterious building of the city of mystery answered the questions which are existed in brains by all the searched legends but continued on its way by adding new secrets to its mystery. While it has reflections all over the world and scientific areas, the documentary movie “Beneath the Hagia Sophia – Ayasofya’nın Derinliklerinde” which the real and the legend, fiction and the real are fused together in it, will give a reference about the point Turkish documentary production has reached.