First film - Development 2013

Sergio is a man of 65 years with cancer in the throat. He thinks that the origin of its badly, is a blow that received of furtive form in a pitched battle of soccer at the age of 18. Wanting revenge, undertakes the search of that mysterious man that, according to him, the life ruined him.

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • First film
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    • Synopsis
    • Sergio is a man of 65 years that faces the situation to have a cancer in the throat. It depressed, he responds to the appointment with the doctor for a more detailed exploration. There, the doctor notes that he has the devious nose. Sergio never he had noted such physical anomaly. He asks the doctor if the cancer can have some relation with that and the doctor, making a joke, says it that yes. That same night, Sergio remember that during a pitched battle of soccer when was 18 years old, an anonymous player struck him in the nose by the back.
      It convinced that that player "mysterious" is the guilty one of his current misfortune, he initiates an exhaustive search by a vanished club, a newspaper library and a television channel, to hit upon the man.
      His wife and the daughter are dragged to the dynamics of pursuit, but in the opposite sense. At any cost they will try to avoid that Sergio find the man and kill it, as assures that will do it.
      The intense search of the "guilty" will carry the family to very amusing situations but also to the revelation of a violent and hidden personality of Sergio.