By Claudia FISCHER


Documentary - Completed 2014

Two sisters Ati and Mindhiva; They are part of the Arhuaca tribe a Colombian indigenous culture. Their dream is to continue with their university studies. They have no money. Nevertheless they won’t give up the fight and they will search into other forms of education.

& Awards

Filmar en América Latina 2014
Entre ciel et terre
VOFF, Viewster View Online Film Festival # 4 2014
Official Selection
KO&digital, Festival Internacional de Cine Solidario 2014
London Film Awards 2014
Official Selection, Nomination Best Screenplay, Official Finalist
International Film Festival / Documentary-Short-Comedy 2014
Official Selection, Merit Award
Documentary & Short International Movie Award 2014
Official Selection, Golden Award
International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2015
Official Selection, Winner Best Editing of a Documentary, Winner Best Director of a Short Documentary
    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 71 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Claudia FISCHER
    • Synopsis
    • Ati means mother creator, feminine force and fertile land. Mindhiva means healer. Their quest for knowledge starts far before my camera ever made it to their tribes land. The family clan is close-knit, full of love and respectful of the environment. The girls mother didn’t want her children to miss the opportunity to learn how to read and write even if this meant sending them far away from home. So, Mindhiva left home at age twelve and Ati left at age ten in pursuit of education.
      The first barrier they have to overcome was the language. Having accomplished this, they completed secondary education at a public-school.
      Ati wants to be a dentist but she realizes she can’t get the education for this in the Sierra. Mindhiva wishes to study medicine so that one day she could go back to her community and combine the ancestral knowledge together with the Western medicine in order to keep her people healthy & thriving.
      Now with the dream careers in mind, the sisters priority has been to prepare to enter the country’s major university—the Universidad Nacional. They do their best, but neither of them obtains the necessary scores. Their disappointment is huge. They go back to the Sierra to consult the “Mamos” in order to regain their strength and to keep their determination strong. They are earnest in their quest and begin to look for other ways to get an education.
      Mindhiva applies to study medicine in Cuba but time passes by and she doesn’t get an answer. Suddenly she receives a call with the news that she has been accepted, leaves for Cuba in a rush while Ati stays. She spends her time between applying to private universities and weaving traditional backpacks for money. In need of guidance, Ati goes back to Kariumaku the great blind Mamo who has been her guide since childhood. Hope and disappointment have shadowed her but her will shows us that she will not crumble. Ati is admitted to the University del Bosque.
      Mindhiva comes back from Cuba and tells us about her experience.
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