Horror - Development 2018

Having to pitch her first episode on the popular procedural American Heat, Heaven - a young, bubbly, assistant accidentally kills her date and realizes she liked it.
American Heat is where Heaven turns to Hell.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Horror, TV Series, Black comedy
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • Attending a wedding down somewhere in San Diego, Heaven Schlichtman finds herself in a Jacuzzi, late at night, flashing her boobs at Mitch – a buff tool of a guy. She ends up making a horrible mistake, not the sex (although that would certainly constitute as one), but the fact that Heaven was videotaped by her best friend, Georgia Breitling (yep, like the watch), who’s never going to let her forget it. Heaven was once bright and bubbly, full of aspirations and hopes in the City of Angels where anything could happen. Her dream of becoming a staff writer has faded long ago only to be replaced by a bitter and indifferent show-runner’s assistant with no motivation. Desperate to salvage her dignity, she sets out to convince her friends that Mitch is actually dating material.
      Back in Los Angeles, Darren Spaulding, one of the most successful show-runners in Television history is in a pickle. The created of American Heat, the iconic procedural, Darren is caught fucking his staff-writer, Samantha and must avoid a scandal. On the eve of a contract renewal with the network and the entire season’s plot stuck, Darren fires Samantha, replacing her with Heaven. This is assuming Heaven’s got a good pitch the following morning.
      This is everything Heaven has dreamt of, nagged endlessly to her therapist, but against her better judgement Heaven finds herself at four in the morning just before another banging session with Mitch. That’s when Heaven realizes she’s letting her chance slip through her fingers. Mitch offers to role playing (come on, it’s like Court TV, I used to love that shit). He’ll re- enact a ‘crime’ with her and give her ideas for a pitch. It’ll be fun. He grabs a knife and does his best burglar, who’s accidentally walked in on a hot chick and threatens her with his knife, waving it at Heaven, who is anything but amused. She swats his hand away and with surprising force causes the hand to come full circle and slit his own throat. Blood splatters Heaven and Mitch body collapses to the ground.
      The following morning Heaven shows up, to an expectant writer’s room, pale, blood stained, and filthy. With a trembling voice she recounts the accident, how she panicked, how hysterical she was and how... when it was all said and done... she liked it. It was a rush like nothing she’d ever had! Of course, she realizes the right thing to do is to—
      But Russel, stops her, impressed with ‘her pitch’. These are the next three episodes of American Heat, people! A female serial killer is born.