By Nandita ROY, Shiboprosad MUKHERJEE


Drama - Completed 2013

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • INDIA
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 130 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Nandita ROY, Shiboprosad MUKHERJEE
    • Writer(s)
    • Nandita ROY, Shiboprosad MUKHERJEE, Suchitra BHATTACHARYA
    • Synopsis
    • Kingshuk & Rammani were a young married couple, blessed with a 6-year-old son Tatan.
      Kingshuk was a promising, gynaecologist and had a roaring practice. He lived in their old ancestral home, along with his parents. Theirs was a happy family, but not for long.
      22nd January was a special day in the lives of Kingshuk & Rammani. It was their wedding anniversary. On each anniversary, Kingshuk loved presenting his wife with a lovely surprise. This time Kingshuk had thought of presenting her with an apartment of their own. Kingshuk had decided to separate from his parents and lead a different lifestyle which did not conform to the lives they were leading at the moment in his ancestral home, along with his parents. Kingshuk was a young, modern man, who demanded his happiness and strove to achieve it. But fate had other things in store for him. On that fateful day of 22nd of Jan, while Kingshuk was on his way to finalize the deal of his new apartment, he receives a phone call from a nursing home, where a patient of his was in a precarious condition. As the patient’s condition kept deteriorating, Kingshuk was thrown in the horns of a dilemma- within minutes he would finish finalizing the deal on his apartment and the gift for the evening of this special day would be ready- on the other hand, a patient was crying out for help - as she lay dying.
      As the tension keeps building, the viewer is left wondering regarding Kingshuk’s ultimate choice. Kingshuk succumbs to temptation and opts for his wife’s gift, as a result he does not reach the nursing home in time and loses his patient.
      From that moment onwards, Kingshuk’s life is jeopardised. Assailed by the relatives of the dead patient at the nursing home, Kingshuk somehow manages to extricate himself from a dangerous situation. Hearing about the assault, Rammani and Kingshuk’s father rushes to the nursing home. Rammani is shocked to hear about the events. Rammani, accidently, steals a glance at the dead patient’s face- a face that would haunt her for the rest of her life. From that moment onwards- a strained relationship developed between husband and wife.
      Rammani realizes that her husband’s negligence had caused the death of that poor patient and that he had given preference to her ‘anniversary gift’. Assuaged with guilt, Rammani was hounded by the face of the dead woman, whether awake or asleep, she always felt her presence, heard the dead women speak to her- tantalise her- torment her-till Rammani felt herself going mad. She could no longer bear her husband’s touch or even the sight of him. Something was now definitely rotten in their relationship as the ghost of Kavita, the dead patient lay in between them, pulling them further away from each other Rammani realises that a pall of gloom was overshadowing their lives, so she takes the momentous decision to separate from Kingshuk, at least, for a few days or till Kingshuk had atoned for his crime and sanity once again prevailed in their relationship.
      Kingshuk is torn by the spate of events. He was losing his wife on one hand and his career was being jeopardised on the other. The dead patient’s husband, Biswajit, had decided to seek redressal in the consumer’s court from Dr. Kingshuk.
      The Inquiry Commision, appointed to investigate the case against Dr. Kingshuk was headed by an old teacher of Kingshuk. Kingshuk felt that if he could plead his case in private - his old teacher - who had always been fond of him, would turn the case to his advantage; but Kingshuk was disappointed when the head of the Inquiry Commision refused to indulge Kingshuk’s excuses and squarely blamed him for the lapse. Kingshuk felt defeated from every corner.
      As Kingshuk finds his entire life being torn into pieces, his friend Debmallya, comes to his rescue. He advises Kingshuk to settle the case out of court by offering the relatives of the dead patient an attractive amount.
      The patient’s relatives were in fact, waiting for such an offer as the death of Kavita had actually proved to be a boon for all of them, as each of her relative schemed of a way to gain a part of that compensation amount so that the benefits could be reaped by all of them.
      In her parent’s home, Rammani, is consumed with unhappiness when her husband boasts to her that he has settled the matter with the patient’s family, out of court and the problem chasing them has finally been resolved amicably. Rammani feels traumatized as she realizes that her husband still did not feel the need to atone for his mistake. Wandering by the pond adjoining her house, Rammani is consumed by a death- wish. She feels helplessly drawn to the seductive pleas of the dead woman and slips into the water.
      Kingshuk, who was in the middle of an amicable settlement with Biswajit and the dead patient’s relatives, is suddenly given the news of his wife’s accident and subsequently of her precarious condition at a local nursing home.
      Leaving everything aside, this time Kingshuk rushes to be at his wife’s bed side; but fate has drawn a full circle today. Snarled in the traffic jam, Kingshuk’s desperation reaches a height as he realises that he may be too late to save his wife and their child’s life.
      As the story hurtles towards its climax, the viewer is left gasping- will Kingshuk reach on time.....? Will he be able to save his wife’s life or will he have to sacrifice her life to Kavita as atonement for his crime of having caused her death through negligence....? Was Rammani’s action deliberate... just to teach her errant husband a lesson?..... Will Kingshuk ever be able to regain happiness in his life... or is happiness just a distant fleeting emotion....?
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