Black comedy - Development 2019

Alien Incorporated is a road TV series about two young men travelling across the US - on foot or by any non motorized transport - in search of the secret base of aliens that, as one of the characters believes, have been hiddenly controlling humans for years with the intention of making them slaves.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Black comedy, Action/Adventure, TV Series
    • Countries
    • SPAIN, USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 30 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Oriol CARDÚS
    • Writer(s)
    • Oriol CARDÚS, Antoine BOURS
    • Synopsis
    • Alien Incorporated is an initiatory journey that, like Don Quixote, explores the human relation between two characters (one crazy, one sane), and is at the same time an inner journey of both of them - one that makes them rethink their lives, their future and place in society. As in Don Quixote, Lucas, the main character, Cuban, has delusions (the series starts when he is released from a mental hospital) and lives in a parallel world where things are not what they look like (he is obsessed by the idea that aliens exist, are amongst us, and are about to make us slaves). Alain, Lucas´ cousin, settled in L.A., must become his "faithful squire" (that is a request from the family) to prevent him to get into trouble and feel in an irrecoverable state of shock that would take him back to hospital forever. Their search becomes a crazy adventure across rural US, from coast to deep country, that ends up in Southern Nevada, Area 51, a base known, among other things, for being a reference point in extraterrestrial culture and UFO phenomenology.

      But nowadays we live in the information age ( in contrast with the times of Don Quixote), and thus their travel reaches the country´s newpapers and screens, turning their personal adventure into a true epic of modern times, a sort of soap opera followed nationwide that opens a discussion on whether they are madmen or heroes worthy of admiration.

      Alien Incorporated is not a science fiction series in the common sense, because the alien invasion only exists in the mind of Lucas, but a black humor comedy that explores the return of two young urbanites to an "essential" life, a life in contact with nature, and confronts it with Western lifestyle. In addition, drawing humor from the absurd, surreal situation generated by Lucas, the series proposes a critical vision of our technological society and tries to blur the line between sanity and madness, opening space for thinking about who are the alienated in the world.

      From Big Sur to Roswell, stopping over in Sequoya National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the Earthship Biotecture in New Mexico and Albuquerque, Alien Incorporated follows a route of almost 1.500 miles across some of the wildest, more spectacular and iconic scenery of the west of US. The journey, about 3-month long takes our main characters to the limit, making them face extreme situations, both physically and psychologically, that demand very diverse survival resources (they have to get beyond deserts, mountains, rivers etc.) and compel them to give their best if they want to go until the end. Also, these scenery have a dramatic content, influencing or emphasizing the different feelings and moods that the characters experience along their journey.