By François YANG


Drama - Development 2021

In a mountain region, Thomas is leading the protest against a ski lift construction site that threatens the water and species in the area. When the foreman is found dead, Thomas becomes the number one suspect. He tries to prove his innocence by confronting his troubled past.

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • FRENCH
    • Director(s)
    • François YANG
    • Writer(s)
    • François YANG
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • In a low-lying mountain region, Thomas (30), a guide scarred by the death of his girlfriend in the mountains, has devoted himself to the environmental cause. Within the village, he is now only a shadow of his former self.

      A project to renovate the ski lifts with snow cannons is being set up near the village. This denial of global warming reminds Thomas of the death of his girlfriend. Together with his childhood friends Joachim and Alice, he decides to oppose the construction site with a militant action in the trees. During this action, Thomas is humiliated by the site foreman Mr. Gasser.

      The next day, the foreman's body is found. Suspicions about Thomas spread throughout the village. When confronted by the two police officers who are investigating, Thomas denies any involvement in the sabotage for fear of being worried.

      Thomas is not happy about the arrival of Julia, an architect and single mother, who replaces the missing foreman. He wants to continue to fight against the construction site and wants to take legal action.

      Thomas refutes in vain the rumours about his guilt, fuelled by his past and the death of his girlfriend in the mountains. Her death caused great distress in the community and Mr. Gasser was his uncle. Thomas is gradually losing the trust of those around him and his parents.

      To counter the rumours of the village, Thomas tries to find the real culprit by spying on the construction site. Thomas goes to search the offices of the construction site. He discovers that the contractor Muller wanted to divert water from the village to feed the snow cannons. He warns Julia about her boss and her workers.

      Thomas continues his investigation on the construction site. Among the workers, he discovers clues about the disappearance of the missing foreman. But the key witness, an undocumented worker, is nowhere to be found. He gets closer to Julia, victim of intimidation by unknown people.

      In front of the police, for fear of being worried himself, Joachim ends up betraying Thomas, and dismantles his alibi. Thomas flees the police and goes into hiding in the mountains. For the villagers, this is an admission of his guilt. In the wilderness, Thomas confronts the weather and the wilderness. He faces the ghosts of his past and realizes how guilty he felt about the death of his girlfriend, whom he was unable to save.

      Discovering that Thomas is innocent, Julia finds him in the mountains and tells him of her suspicions. With Julia's help, Thomas confronts Gasser's murderer, who foments a new action against the construction site. His motives are deeply linked to their common past, to Suzanne's death.

      Winter is coming. Sensitized to the ecological problem, Julia convinces the region to stop the construction site. The region finds a new model of gentle tourism. But Thomas and Julia have to change their lives, go elsewhere, because the inhabitants are angry at them despite the nature that is coming back to life...